Soccer Team in classThough not a short-term mission agency, EWI occasionally offers opportunities for individuals to join us when we visit our overseas ministry partners. These volunteers may provide specialized training, technical assistance, or just ‘lend a hand’ as needed. They may also be an important source of encouragement, new vision, and hope. At the same time, our overseas partners may provide opportunities for our volunteers to expand their vision and increase their understanding of the needs of a world without Christ.

EWI seeks individuals able and willing to raise support to finance their trip, and who will participate in the pre-trip training and preparation. We emphasize that we go to learn and to serve, rather than to teach and to lead (though teaching may take place). We hope that team members establish and nurture good cross-cultural relationships and that they respond well to being moved outside their comfort zone and, as a result, experience growth.

The following stories relate the experiences of some of our past ministry teams. If questions arise, we invite you to Contact Us.

The Short Term Experience: Dateline 2003 - A Fact Finding Trip to MENH

Our team of three arrived at the Minneapolis airport, made it through security without delay, and arrived at the gate in plenty of time to purchase something suitable to eat in flight before boarding for departure. We arrived in Ft Lauderdale, collected our luggage, and called the hotel for the shuttle bus. While waiting, we noticed unattended luggage on the sidewalk to which police and dog were called. We anticipated they might blow it up but the owner returned and retrieved what had been forgotten.

We settled in at the hotel a little after 9:00 PM and prepared for an early morning departure by pre-booking a taxi pickup for 3:00 AM.  The taxi driver called shortly after 2:30 AM to be sure we were up and ready in order to be on time for our 5:00 AM flight. Needless to say, we did not get much sleep.