Testimonials From Scholarship Recipients


Good News Theological College and Seminary, Accra

My name is Sylvester Borkumah. I was born on 18 September 1976 to Prophet Timothy Borkumah and Prophetess Emma Agbeli, natives of Agate, in the Hohoe District of the Volta Region of Ghana.

My father, Timothy Borkumah, founded an African Instituted Church called The Peaceful Healing Church before I was born. I began attending my father's church when a boy. After graduating from Senior Secondary (High) School in 1994, leaders of the church decided to enroll me at the Good News Theological College and Seminary. The purpose was to give me the opportunity to have a good theological education that would equip me to be an effective leader. I was appointed the Youth Leader of the church when I was in my second year of training at the seminary.

While at the seminary I was elected the President of the Student Representative Council - a mouthpiece of the students. I was awarded with a diploma in Pastoral Studies when I graduated in July 2005. I was also a co-recipient of Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey's Award - an award to a graduating student whose long paper in African Christian Theology is adjudged the best.

My father died prior to my graduation from the seminary. The cost of living on campus became tough for me. Fortunately I was awarded the Dr. Samuel Jones Memorial Scholarship by East-West Ministries (now East-West Interknit), which is based in the U.S.A. I could not have completed my studies on schedule had it not been for the award of the scholarship.

I was appointed the bishop of the Peaceful Healing Church on 4 December 2005.  The church has over 50 congregations in Ghana, Togo, and Benin. Membership of the church is over 3,000. Sixty pastors work under my direction.

Frankly, being a student at the Good News Theological College and Seminary has equipped me to lead the church. I thank God for His plan for my life and for His church, and for the seminary. I am also thankful to East-West Interknit for helping me with the scholarship.

Saturday, 5 August 2006. 

Brief notes from graduates in 2008:

"The scholarship lifted a burden from my family and my church.  It helped me complete my education." P. Y. Ofosu

"The scholarship is so important to me....If not, I would not have been able to come this far.  I will be teaching, preaching, church planting, and discipling people for Christ."  R. Y. Sewor

"I write to thank you for the help given to me to acquire knowledge from [GNTCS] and using it to reach out to dying souls." E. A. Osabutey

"The scholarship meant something great to me because it reached a situation...when I was about to quit school due to ...lack of funds to pay school fees." G. A. S. Ofori

"This is to express my sincere appreciation [for] the scholarship granted me...I will be serving in the -----Mission after graduation and my ministry will be teaching.  I would also like to teach at GNTCS someday if offered the chance."  I. A. Amon

And from a current student:

"I have grown deeply in the understanding of the Bible during the year. Besides, I have also grown in the area of discipline....I will continue to serve God in the church [and] reach out to prisoners, drug addicts, and alcoholics with the gospel of Christ."  A. Kortey


Note from a current student:

I want to express my gratitude to you for your help during this academic year.  Because of your help, I was able to receive a solid Biblical education.  I can tell you that my education did allow me to grow spiritually and my faith in God has increased.  God has given me more endurance to continue to do his work.  I have also grown academically.  My desire is to do the work of God after my graduation.

May the peace and love of God be with you.

Webert Carcourt