In many of the places served by East West InterKnit, the fields are clearly ripe for harvest but the workers are few and lack the tools to be most effective. Our associates agonize over the need for more and better-trained workers to assist them in the work. There are those who would join them but cannot afford the necessary training.

Protrait of Dr. V. Samuel JonesThe Dr. V. Samuel Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to provide assistance to students, recommended by partner ministries, who are attending institutions in their own countries or regions for the purpose of preparing for full time Christian ministry. Each student is expected to raise a portion of his own support, but as our resources permit and the student remains in good standing, we attempt to assist until the student graduates. The average stipend is approximately US $200 for a year of study.

How you can help:

  • Sponsor a student for a year
  • Donate a gift designated for the scholarship fund
  • Pray for the educational and training needs of Christian workers in some of the least Christian regions of the world.

We have opportunity now to assist worthy scholars preparing for ministry in Ghana, South Asia, and the Caribbean but our scholarship fund needs replenishing. If you can help, please make your check out to East West InterKnit, write "Scholarship Fund" on the memo line, and mail it with a completed designation form to the address on the form.

Testimony From a Recipient:

Theresah AppahI am a pastor of the Wonderful Christ Healing Church, an African Instituted Church. Before enrolling at the Good News Theological College and Seminary, I had no formal Biblical educational background. I interpreted the Bible the way I thought was good. I thought all that a pastor needed was to be aware of his/her Spiritual gift and be able to read and interpret the Bible the way he/she thought was right.

The Good News Theological Seminary has helped me a lot, not only as a pastor but also in all aspects of Christian lifestyle. The knowledge I have gained at the seminary has enabled me to change the lifestyles of members of my congregation. This has been made possible through educational programs I have introduced in the church. I have been appointed the President of the Women’s Fellowship of the church. I have, as a result, been able to help women in my church and some sister churches in my neighborhood.

Due to the training I have had from the seminary, I have had the opportunity to convert members of my own extended family who were not Christians. They saw a change in my lifestyle and decided to become Christians so that Christ would change their lives too.

I thank God for receiving the Sam Jones Scholarship. Without the scholarship I would have dropped out of the seminary. I, therefore, want to use this opportunity to thank those who contributed to the Scholarship fund. I promise to make good use of what I have benefited from the seminary.

Theresah Appah.

Final Year Diploma Student.


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