Mission in Tri-State Area in South Asia

Bethel mission church lit up at night

The work, as we know it today, began when Pastor Frank was asked to assume leadership of a 46-member church in one of the poorest parts of his state. The congregants, primarily from Dalit background, were people of very limited means and even less influence. But Frank persevered and the church began to grow and to serve others in the area. Three decades later the mother-church has over 1500 members and has been responsible for planting another 45+ churches or mission stations.

As the churches grew, Frank encouraged each of them to begin to care for widows and orphans. The need was great as many men in the community were mine workers. The high rate of premature death due to lung disease and accidents left hundreds of widows and thousands of children destitute and unable to care for themselves. Led by Pastor Frank, the churches began reaching out to the widows and have done their best to assist with food and clothing, education, and vocational training to enable them to become self-sufficient. Many have come to know the Lord and are serving others through the mission.  Three of the mission churches are responsible for homes that together care for more than 100 orphans or children whose parent(s) could not afford to keep them

Robertsonpet boys, Frank, and school vanOther needs became apparent as they grew so the mission added new programs.  They established a computer training center that has already turned out hundreds of graduates. Through their “feed the hungry” program, many of the very poor receive meals or supplies as the churches are able to provide.  In addition to the children's homes already mentioned they have added at least two daycare centers. Land is used to raise crops that supplement the food needed for the children's homes and other feeding programs.  Volunteers from the church occasionally conduct medical and dental care for the poor.  The mission also conducts regular outreach programs that include sharing of the gospel message.  Thousands have made decisions to follow Christ.  With help, they hope to reestablish a program to train future pastors and Christian leaders.

Bethel Mission continues to grow.  In 2010 Bethel Mission had forty churches and supported forty-five pastors.  In early 2014 it is said to have 45 churches and 65 pastors. Thirty six former residents of the children's homes are engaged in full time Christian work.  The mission's territory includes towns and villages in three states whose people represent speakers of at least four languages.  Pastor Frank completed a law degree in late 2009 with the intention of meeting the need to defend believers who come under attack from the radical fundamentalist majority religious group.  He has been accepted to the bar and has had a positive influence not only on believers but also on the local legal community.  He continues to preach and to lead the mission.

Pastor Frank was raised in a Christian home but rebelled against this parents' teaching and resisted the call of Christ.  He became involved in radical political activities aimed at improving the well-being of his community.  His activities brought him into conflict with his school's rules and was expelled in 10th grade.  He was confused and frustrated even to the point of considering suicide. But shortly after this period, events in his life caused him to reconsider the claims of Christ.  He surrendered and his life was radically changed.