May 2018: Better Together!

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations....” Matthew 28: 19

Tap or click here to download a printable full-color PDF of our May 2018 newsletter.This newsletter covers:

  • Our Mission - too many areas remain that are less than 2% Christian. Read how EWI embraces opportunities to support our developing world partners as they work not only to further the gospel but also to meet human needs.
  • Partnership at Work
    • Library Support: South Asia Theological College and Seminary in India; and Freedom Bible Institute in Myanmar
    • In India: Jehovah Shammah Children's Home in Narsapur (JSCH); Bethel Mission in South India (BM);
    • In Kenya: The Mission and Ministry in Oduwo Village
    • Other Partnerships in brief: Good News Theological Seminary (GNTS); Mission Evangelique du Nord d'Haiti (MENH); and Rev. Dr. Jacob Prabhu, Central India

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide resources to enhance the ministry capacity of developing world partners. East West InterKnit provides financial support as we are able for whatever is needed most for the furtherance of the gospel and to meet human needs. We, in turn, learn a great deal from our partners that we desire to pass along to you:

  • We sense their great passion for the lost and are reminded that we are all called to be witnesses.
  • We see how they persevere in the midst of adversity and, at times, even persecution, to faithfully communicate the gospel no matter what the cost.
  • We note their emphasis on corporate prayer as well as their deep trust in God’s provision. They understand their limitations and recognize their total dependence upon the Lord.

We have much to learn from them.

Each red dot on this map represents an area that is less than 2% Christian

Each red dot represents an area that is less than 2% Christian

Map from International Mission Board * of the Southern Baptist Convention


* The International Mission Board is a missionary sending agency affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention operating in virtually every nation except the United States and Canada. Visit their website to learn more:

Partnership at Work - Library Support

From Dr. Suman G. V., Principal of South Asia Theological College and Seminary in India:

“How can we thank God enough for you in return for all the joy we have in the presence of our God because of you?” 1 Thess. 3:9 “We have received 56 precious books from you. I am so much indebted to you for your immense ministry to build the library to equip the students for healthy ministry and to expand God’s kingdom.”

 Books sent to Myanmar

From Principal Thomas Van Thawm Lian in Myanmar:

“By the grace of God, we were able to hold the first graduation ceremony of our Freedom Bible Institute. We are praying and planning to have our own Bible School building. It has been difficult to find a place. Some landlords do not want Bible-related events; some try to charge us double rent. Since the inception of our Bible School, we are able to rent a house that accommodates maximum 10 students. The teachers and all students live together in that house. If we have our own facility, we will be able to extend our Bible School term and accommodate more students. So, please pray with us that God might provide us the facility we need in which we can train and equip national workers for missions in Myanmar. Thank you so much again for your supplies of precious books for our Bible School.”

Myanmar (Burma) is approximately 6% Christian. Persecution by the Buddhist majority is on the increase and affects all minorities.

 April 2018 Graduation Class
Note from the Director — I’ve had to write to several pastors and Christian workers recently to tell them that we cannot at this time provide books to aid them in their ministries. The demand for quality Christian books useful for discipling and training Christian workers is very great especially in countries where there is little publishing of such material and where the schools lack resources to purchase books. We, and those we are helping, are so grateful for those who donate books and for those who make it possible for us to continue to ship them to those in need.

Partnership at Work - In India

Jehovah Shammah Children's Home in Narsapur (JSCH)

President David reports that the home children did quite well on their exams and that one of his girls achieved first place in the class ten exams. She is from non-Christian background but has come to faith and has influenced both her mother and elder sister to also follow Christ. The children return to school in early June following the worst of the hot season.

Recently vandals were able to gain entrance to the premises in the middle of the night and cause some damage. When discovered they fled. The police have insisted that JSCH install CCTV cameras for additional security.

David is doing his best to raise funds from a few well-wishers but it is never enough. No fees are ever collected from the children’s relatives, most of whom are uneducated day-laborers earning less than $2.00 a day.

The need:

  • School start-up funds by end of May (US $1,000);
  • A CCTV security camera (US $500);
  • Prayer for the 10 affiliated evangelists as they plant churches in the midst of opposition.

Bethel Mission in South Central India (BM)

Pastor Frank preached at the Bethel Mission Good Friday services beginning at 8:00 a.m. When the service concluded at 11:30 all those who attended were provided a lunch. Immediately after the lunch a baptismal service was held for seventeen new believers. Following this service Pastor Frank gave a message at another large church in the town and then traveled 5 hours by car to preach at a branch church in Chennai that evening. He also preached two services on Easter Sunday beginning at 5:00 a.m. and concluding about 12:30 p.m. Throughout his report, Pastor Frank emphasized both traveling mercies and favor from the Lord to fulfill what he was called to do.

Bethel Mission's free Computer Training Program has trained hundreds of boys and girls who have graduated and now work in companies big and small throughout the region.

In late April more than 450 children, including some from other religions, attended the annual Bethel Mission Gospel Club held at the main church. The children recited scripture verses, performed skits, and shared in other ways at the closing program. Pastor Frank said that parents of children from other faiths were treated with care that made them feel welcome. He considers these programs an important platform for propagating the gospel outside of the Christian community.

The needs:

  • 85 children in the Bethel Mission Children’s Homes will return to school in early June.
  • The mission needs help to purchase uniforms, school bags, text books, school supplies and to pay all first quarter fees.
  • The aging machines in the mission Computer Training Center need to be replaced.
  • Pray for the leadership as they attempt to reach into the wider community in spite of opposition

Partnership at Work - In Kenya

The Mission and Ministry in Oduwo Village

When school resumed on May 3 some of the teachers still resided in classrooms following the collapse of their residence. The roof is on the new teachers’ residence but they will need to have doors and windows installed before it can be occupied. Julian has raised enough for three doors. We’d like to help secure the building by providing for the fourth door and four windows.

One of the Christian school teachers has returned to college in order to complete his teacher’s training as required by the Kenyan Ministry of Education. He was not able to raise the fees for the current term and had prepared to drop out. With your help we were able to provide just the amount needed for him to return. More than 213 women attended a three day Ladies Seminar held at a large church in another town. With help from EWI, Julian, one of the seminar teachers, was able to take 28 ladies from her area to the event. Though some had to sleep on hard floors and some did not get all their meals due to the large turnout, they all praised God throughout their stay. Julian reported that these seminars really helped the women spiritually and the teachings have contributed to improvement in their marriages. She often speaks of how girls are encouraged to marry at 12 or 13 with no idea what to expect. In addition to hearing the gospel, the ladies are learning how to better relate to their children and spouses, and are encouraged to allow daughters to remain in school and not be forced into early marriage.

The needs:

  • Completing the residence for teachers will allow them to move out of the classrooms;
  • An organization is putting up a boarding facility on campus to house children once they reach class 6 and 7 and are vulnerable to attack. At this time, all girls are escorted to their homes for safety sake. Several 13 year old girls were waylaid, became pregnant, and had to leave school. The building is being provided at no cost to them but Julian will be responsible for furnishing, feeding and caring for all other needs.



Other Partnerships - In Brief

Good News Theological Seminary (GNTS) in Accra, Ghana

  • Each graduate at the ceremony on May 5th received a set of basic reference books provided by EWI. Thank you for helping to meet this need.
  • Please pray for those who will be recruiting students for the fall term beginning in late August and for the resources to provide essential scholarships.

Mission Evangelique du Nord d'Haiti (MENH), Plaine du Nord, North Haiti

  • The mission of MENH is to serve the poorest of the poor so they take in many students who cannot afford to pay school fees. They do their best to provide a lunch for all since for many this will be their only meal some days. They need our help to keep up with teachers’ salaries and to meet other needs.
  • Construction on the church at Plaine du Nord continues but funds are now depleted.

Rev. Dr. Jacob Prabhu, central India

  • Pray for him as he writes and publishes Bible study and discipleship material for evangelism and training.
  • Pray for him as he teaches and for those who take his discipleship training course