May 2017: Serving in the midst of challenge

“Under His direction, the whole body is fitted together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body grows and builds itself up in love.” Ephesians 4:16 NLT

Specific highlights for several partners:
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  • Haiti - Mission Evangelique du Nord d'Haiti (MENH)
  • Kenya - Bright Angels Christian Academy, Oduwo Village (BACA)
  • India - A story yet untold; and, Good News in Spite of Oppression
  • Ghana - Good News Theological College and Seminary, Accra (GNTCS)

Current Prayer Concerns

We have provided a short list of the most pressing concerns to guide your prayers for our overseas partners, and EWI, Thank you for your faithful support.

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Partnership at Work

From the Director

Dear Friends,

As he looked upon the crowds with compassion, Jesus said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Christian workers in the developing world look with compassion on the multitudes surrounding them and pray for helpers in the work of sharing the Good News. Many seek partnerships for this reason. We continually receive new requests for tools and resources that will enable them to care for widows and children, to offer training programs, to engage additional workers, and to meet both physical and spiritual needs of those in their sphere of influence. As you read the following updates on our current partners please prayerfully consider how you might continue to support their efforts, not only with your faithful prayers, but financially as well, if your circumstances allow.

Annette L. Jones
Executive Director

Mission Evangelique du Nord d'Haiti (MENH)

On March 14 MENH held a conference for 80 pastors and leaders who currently serve the MENH churches. Those who came from a distance arrived the night before the conference began and were treated to a dinner. Those from nearby churches arrived the morning of the conference.

The mission provided meals for all on the day of the conference. The theme of the daylong conference was church growth. Pastor Thony reported that the conference was received “with great happiness.“ The mission provided New Testaments and booklets to all the attendees to distribute in their churches.

The administrator of the clinic reported that things are going well but they still lack a centrifuge, a microscope, and a variety of other basic instruments including a Stethoscope, Sphigmomanometer, and Otoscope. They would also benefit from Omeprazole, Pepto bismol, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Naproxin, and other over-the-counter medicines.

Bright Angels Christian Academy, Oduwo, Kenya (BACA)


When the assessor from the Ministry of Education visited the Bright Angels Christian Academy in Oduwo he was pleased with the progress they are making. He will revisit the school when the new session begins and asked that they have the classrooms and bathrooms completed by that time. Your gifts have enabled EWI to fund the bathroom construction. Construction was halted when the rains filled the pit with water but the people have drained the pit since the rains slowed and construction is scheduled to resume. The local people are gathering materials for the classrooms.

As you can see from the picture here, hand-digging the pit for the bathrooms through rocky ground is an arduous task.

Partnership At Work - in India

A Story Yet Untold

The hill country indigenous mission (mission name withheld for security reasons*) was launched in 1963 by a man from a distant region of India who felt God’s call to share the gospel with the unreached people groups across north India. His vision included training, equipping and sending native missionaries to these people for evangelism, church planting, and holistic uplift of the people. The mission has grown to include five regional centers from which more than 400 native missionaries serve in at least 1,200 culturally distinct mission fields.

Photos borrowed from the web represent tribal peoples from the regionThe region being served is extremely diverse geographically, ethnically, and linguistically. Most of these people are from very poor tribal groups, the majority of whom are illiterate day laborers working in the tea gardens. Due to economic pressures, some tea gardens have shut down leaving many workers without employment and their children unable to attend school. Extreme poverty has resulted in widespread human trafficking of both women and children as well as many other sinful practices.

Photos borrowed from the web represent tribal peoples from the regionThe northeast regional center of the mission has been running a Bible school, a small children’s home, two child development centers serving over 400 children, and a primary school. It is also involved in church planting. They are now facing a crisis due to government pressure on Christian organizations. Threats forced them to send the children's home orphans away and close the home. They are seeking a way to restore the home and bring the children back. Their child development centers were being supported by Compassion International before that organization was expelled from India. The mission has been forced to close one center which had served about 150 children but is working hard to maintain the other, which serves approximately 250.

Photos borrowed from the web represent tribal peoples from the region.They are unable to do all that Compassion did such as provide clothing, school uniforms and supplies, good meals, and personal hygiene items. Nonetheless, they continue to teach classes in academic subjects and have a time of worship, Bible study, prayer, and Scripture memorization after which the children go to their respective schools. Some of the children have dropped out of school because the parents cannot pay the fees and meet other needs that Compassion was covering. The mission is seeking support to enable the children to remain in school, purchase uniforms and supplies, and meet other personal needs.

EWI began providing books and other training materials for the mission’s Bible school about nine years ago and has been encouraged with reports of the students going out to serve in these poor communities. As we learn more about their efforts to evangelize, plant churches, and meet human and spiritual needs, we want to prayerfully consider how we can support and encourage their efforts among some of the neediest populations in the sub-continent.


  •  Because of the challenges facing Christian institutions in India we may not always use precise names and places in describing the work of our partners.
  •  Photos borrowed from the web represent the tribal peoples served by the mission.



Good News In Spite of Opposition

Gospel Club closing programThe following selections come from a partner in south central India: “In these days of suppressive federal administration unleashed by the rulers upon the Christians, it is heartwarming and [gives] an elated feeling whenever a baptism service takes place at our main sanctuary or for that matter at any of our branches. It is obvious that God is at work and touching people’s hearts in the midst of unfavorable situations [when] people accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and take baptism openly declaring to the world that they have become the children of our ever loving and ever living God.”

On a Sunday in April, twenty-one persons were baptized at the end of a service. “We give all praise, glory, and thanks unto God for the service that we had which was witnessed by many.”

The mission held a one week gospel club that reached more than 400 children. Each day the children learned songs, heard stories from the Bible, memorized scripture, played games and put on skits. The children were provided with snacks and a meal each day. The week ended with a program attended by relatives and friends. The pastor said, “We believe that our Lord would have touched many non-Christians who came for the program.”

The mission church holds an early morning prayer service on the first day of every month. On May 1, the church was filled by 5:00 A.M. “We had a wonderful praise and worship and a good portion of time for prayers and supplication.”

The service was followed by a breakfast and transportation was provided for those coming from a distance.

Many are hearing the good news of the gospel and turning to Christ through the work of this mission and its 14 satellite centers. Pray for those who commit their lives to Christ and face the wrath of family or community. Those who declare themselves as Christians are typically thrown out of their families and their villages and need support from believers for survival.



Partnership at Work - In Ghana

Good News Theological College and Seminary*, Accra (GNTCS)

GNTCS is required to maintain a computer lab as a condition for accreditation. When we learned that nearly all of their computers needed to be replaced, your gifts enabled us to assist them in the purchase of eleven refurbished computers. There are now a total of fourteen computers in the lab for the students to use. Thank you!


*The new name of the seminary will be Good News Theological Seminary once the name registration process is competed.

Current Prayer Concerns

  • Pray for the evangelists who are traveling throughout the villages during the hot season. Temperatures in May average near 100 degrees daily in the south and even higher in other parts of India.
  • A partner in southeast India reports that it is becoming very difficult to hold public meetings as anti-Christian mobs attack and beat the organizers, disrupt the meetings and vandalize the buildings. Many pastors and leaders have been severely injured or killed. Pray for our partner evangelists who faithfully serve in spite of severe opposition.
  • Most of the children from the children’s homes are spending the school break in their villages. Pray for them as they often stay with relatives who are opposed to the Christian faith.
  • Hundreds of church members waving palm branches marched through the streets and the town square in central India on Palm Sunday as a witness for the Lord. Pray that their witness will have an impact on those who hear.
  • The rains have come to the Kenyan village slowing construction and wiping out some crops. The cost of food continues to soar and some produce they depend upon is simply not available. Pray that the remaining crops will thrive and that food for the children can be purchased at reasonable cost.
  • Praise God that 26 boxes of books reached Ghana safely in late April. Many others are somewhere in transit on the way to Bible schools and seminaries. We have recently sent shipments to schools in India, Papua New Guinea, and countries in Africa. Pray for their safe arrival.
  • Pray for the resources needed to provide scholarships, to engage new workers, to care for children at risk, to send helpers to provide training, and to ship books and other library materials to Bible schools and seminaries in the developing world.
  • Pray also for wisdom and discernment concerning the many requests.