March 2018: Partnership Strengthening the Global Church

“Devote yourself to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us too that God may open a door for our message.” Col. 4:2-3a

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  • Jubilee Memorial Bible College - most of the graduates from this college over the last thirty years are serving with a mission or in church planting ministries located throughout India. The 3,700 books sent by EWI have helped to equip them. (JMBC)
  • Ethnos Bible School - though the library of this missionary training school in Myanmar consists of just 120 books, President Lung says "your prayers...[are] what we need the most." (EBS)

Partnership at Work

  • In Ghana, Good News Theological Seminary - Meet one EWI scholarship recipient, who says the training he received at GNTS has enabled him "to interpret the Bible and to preach courageously" and whose ministry in an area of extreme poverty and high temperatures has personally led over 400 people to faith in Jesus Christ. (GNTS)
  • In India, the end of the school year brings special challenges for our partners and those they seek to serve
    • Jehovah Shammah Children's Home (JSCH)
    • Bethel Mission (BM)
  • In Haiti, Mission Evangelique du Nord d'Haiti - Pastor Thony's brief report shows how our support has impacted this ministry in Plaine du Nord and those served over the past six years. (MENH
  • In Kenya, the Mission and Ministry in Oduwo Village - We bring highlights of recent events: A day long seminar for ladies to provide practical help with family relationships,  preparing and planting a new garden on nearly 5 acres of donated land, and reconstruction of the mission teachers' quarters that had been damaged by strong winds and heavy rains. (BACA)

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Partnership at Work - Library Support

Jubilee Memorial College (JMBC)


Each year about thirty new students are accepted at this college which offers the B.Th. and M.Div. degrees. Since faculty and students all live on campus, students, who represent at least eighteen language groups, learn together and grow together. They are engaged in weekly ministry and service both on and off campus. Most of those graduating from Jubilee Memorial Bible College in the last thirty years are serving with a mission or in church planting ministries located throughout India. East West InterKnit has provided their library with more than 3,700 books.

Please pray:

  • For those who graduate March 22 as they go out to begin ministry;
  • For protection and grace for JMBC graduates facing severe opposition;
  • For the summer intensive Bible training for people from area churches.

Ethnos Bible School  (EBS)

Ethnos Bible School in Lashio City, MyanmarThis bible school in Lashio City, Myanmar offers a B.A. in Biblical Studies to students preparing for missionary service. When they requested our help we learned that their library consisted of just 120 total books.

President Lung wrote, “Please continue to pray for our school that God will bless it for the training of many national workers in Myanmar. We are looking for a bigger house to rent for our school as we expect more students this year. So please pray specifically that everything involved in the process will be according to God's will. I really appreciate your offer to help us through your prayers. That's what we need the most. The photo is of the house we are currently renting. Blessings, John Lung”

Partnership at Work - In Ghana

Good News Theological Seminary in Accra, Ghana (GNTS)

Joseph Banahene Joseph Banahene graduated in 2014 from Good News Theological Seminary with a certificate in Pastoral Ministry. He began an evangelistic ministry in Bolgatanga, the capital city of the upper east region of northern Ghana, a Muslim majority region. People in southern Ghana avoid the area around Bolgatanga because of temperatures in excess of 100 degrees at times and because of the extreme poverty there. Without any financial support, Joseph toiled to earn a living and travelled to many towns in the region preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He established the World Gospel Missionary Ministry with six stations throughout the area including one as far south as Komasi. He has personally led over 400 people to faith in Jesus Christ.

Joseph was privileged to receive financial help to complete his course at GNTS. He says, “The theological education I received at the seminary has enabled me to interpret the Bible and to preach courageously. I am now able to befriend Muslims and testify to them about the salvation of Jesus Christ.”

Putting up signage required by the accreditation boardAccording to Dr. Oduro, The National Accreditation Board has given the seminary a long and expensive list of things they must do to maintain their accreditation. They have managed some on the list but seek our help to complete required improvements. EWI supplements the librarian’s salary, helps with scholarship funding, provides basic reference tools for graduates, and assists with emergency needs. The photo here shows the placement of required signage.

For prayer:

  • Please pray with GNTS for God to touch the hearts of people to provide scholarships that will enable others like Joseph to be trained for effective ministry;
  • Please pray for the opening of three new extension stations in the Volta region to provide Theological Education by Extension (TEE) programs for over 200 pastors;
  • Please continue to pray that a short or long term volunteer librarian might be located to enable them to meet this crucial requirement for accreditation;
  • Good News Theological Seminary will hold a graduation ceremony on May 5th. Pray for those who will graduate and go out to serve the church in Africa.

Partnership at Work - In IndiaThree took their Class 10 exams the 16th and 30th of March.

Jehovah Shammah Children's Home, Narsapur (JSCH)

Sandhya, Satyaveni, and Gayathri will be taking class 10 exams between the 16th and 30th of March. Satyaveni (middle girl) expects to receive a merit scholarship to continue her studies. Jehovah Shammah Children’s Home will try to provide help so the others may also continue. All three girls have come to faith. The younger children face exams in mid-April. Many will return to relatives until school resumes in early June.

For Prayer:

  • Please pray that the children will prepare and do well on their exams;
  • Please pray as well for those who spend time with non-Christian relatives during the school break.

Bethel Mission, South Central India (BM)

Pastor Frank asks that we pray for the 85 children in their children’s homes who took final exams recently. The children will be on summer break from April to about the first week of June. Our hope is to be able to assist them with the extra costs incurred when the children return to school in early June.

The Bethel Mission Computer Center provides training at no cost to poor students from all backgrounds. All are exposed to the gospel message during their studies and many lives have been changed. Graduates have been able to get good jobs in nearby cities. Now the aging computers need to be replaced and EWI would like to work with them to meet this need.

Pastor Frank reported that the mission medical clinic is now open every weekend in the church for those who cannot afford medical treatment elsewhere. Volunteer doctors and nurses provide free consultation as well as free medicines and follow-up.

For Prayer:

  • Please pray for those serving in the clinic and for resources to continue to provide the necessary medicines;
  • Please pray for the needs of the computer school as they seek to impact the lives of many young adults;
  • Please pray for those whose lives were impacted during the February 21 day prayer effort;
  • Please pray for Pastor Frank’s wife, Vasanthi, who is dealing with glaucoma in both eyes.

Partnership at Work - in Haiti

Mission Evangelique du Nord d'Haiti (MENH)

In our last newsletter we told you that EWI assists MENH in many ways: we help pay school teachers’ salaries; we fund the purchase of equipment for the clinic; we cover the cost of sending donated school supplies; and we provide a variety of other helps in times of specific need. We partner with them so that they can more effectively share the gospel, lead people to Christ, help the hungry and hurting, and provide training for greater self-support.

Work on the church continues as funds allow. We also reported on the construction of the new church and how the local people had raised a significant amount toward materials and are doing the physical work. Since our last report EWI provided additional funds to allow them to keep working. However, these will soon run out. We will continue to provide assistance as God provides. They would welcome a team to come and work with them in the construction.

Pastor Thony preaching in the tentRecent reports indicate that 60% of Haiti’s 10.4 million people earn less than $2.41 per day and 24% of these earn less than $1.23 per day. At least two-thirds of the labor force have no formal jobs. Only 50% of the children go to school and, of these, 30% only make it through 3rd grade. This is just as true in Pastor Thony’s region as elsewhere making the amount contributed by the local people all the more remarkable.

We know that our partnership is making a difference. More people are being reached with the gospel and more human needs are being met than would have been the case without our partnership. The new MENH board recently spent time evaluating the ministry and sent us a brief report covering the last six years. Between 2012 and 2017 they recorded 4,206 new believers added to the ministry. From information available to them they estimated an additional 3,500 to 4,500 came to Christ each year through Pastor Thony’s radio broadcasts. In addition, the MENH schools are serving at least 3,500 children and doing all within their power to keep them in school through high school. Our gifts make it possible for them to keep the schools open.

Partnership at Work - In Kenya

The Mission and Ministry in Oduwo Village

Julian Orimbo, mission founder and leader, returned from Nairobi, where she serves as Librarian at a Bible college, to lead a one day seminar attended by 75 Oduwo Village ladies. She provided very practical teaching on relationships between husband and wife and on the care and discipline of children. She reported that there were many confessions and expressions of desire to change.

Her village mission was blessed by the donation of a 4.75 acre plot of land suitable for gardening. Julian took care of plowing, planting and fertilizing the garden and said, “The rest we leave to God.” Very often they get rain after drought but it comes too fast and hard and washes away the plantings. Food is in short supply and consequently very expensive. Please pray with them for a successful crop to feed the children.

A few months ago strong winds and heavy rains caused the collapse of the mission school teachers’ quarters. The men have been sleeping on the floor of a classroom and have to clear out all belongings each morning. A lady teacher has been housed with neighbors. The local people participate in the work on the building and also collect material from their environment that can be used in the construction. They have raised funds as they are able for the reconstruction but need some help in order to get the roof on before the rainy season. EWI would like to assist at this time to ensure that the building is adequately covered.

Destruction [left] and Construction [right]