July 2017: EWI InterKnit Letter From the Director

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  • From the Director - Our neighbors in many parts of the world are facing great hardships. Our July Special Report focuses on one partner serving a community in such crisis that children are running away from home to avoid being forced into criminal activities or worse. <Read more>

  • Brief Book Report

  • Current Prayer Concerns



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From The Director

Dear Friends,

I recently received a book entitled, Who Is My Neighbor?: Being a Good Samaritan in a Connected World1. In it the author suggested the truth Jesus communicated in the story is that God expects us to take the initiative, crossing boundaries and overcoming barriers, to show His mercy by serving others. We feel so privileged to play even a small part in serving and are so grateful to you who also serve by partnering with us to make it possible. Our neighbors in many parts of the world are facing great hardships. Will you join us in prayer as together we extend a helping hand?

Annette Jones
Executive Director

1 Moore, Steve. Who Is My Neighbor?: Being a Good Samaritan in a Connected World. NavPress, 2010. P.114


Drought resulting in crop loss, job loss, and exorbitant food prices has wreaked havoc in an area served by an EWI partner. Because crops have been damaged food is scarce and what is available is very expensive. Many families are living on one meal a day and sometimes less. Many have lost jobs working in the cane fields and have few other options for legitimate work. Families are being torn apart as some parents abandon children or spouses and many children run away. Many others have resorted to illicit alcohol to drown their sorrows and drunkenness is rampant. Children have had to drop out of school for inability to pay school fees. Parents are forcing children to join them in criminal activities and daughters are being forced into prostitution.

Our ministry partner held a special event for the children that are or were in her school. She provided a lunch and interviewed the children one on one to give them an opportunity to share their concerns. What she learned was heartbreaking.

When interviewed, a ten-year old girl reported that she escaped and ran away from home to stay with a sympathetic church member following a severe beating by her parents for her refusal to sell illicit liquor. Her older sisters, one just thirteen years old, were forced into prostitution and are now HIV positive and pregnant. She was afraid she would be next. Before she dropped out of school she was among the top three students. A Christian relative has stepped up to pay her school fees so she can return.

Another thirteen-year old student lives in a household with a drunken womanizing father and her mother. Both adults are HIV positive. Three of the student’s siblings are also HIV positive. The family went without food for several days so the father forced the girl to offer herself to his friends for money. When the mother intervened she was sent away leaving the girl responsible for her four siblings and the household chores and without an adult to defend her from the father.

The daughter knows what she has been forced to do is wrong but has submitted due to fear of the father. A third child reported having been raped by her father and half-brothers repeatedly and, along with a younger brother, spending nights in the sugar cane fields when chased from home.

These children are conflicted because they have learned in the school that children should obey their parents, yet know that what they are being asked to do is wrong. They are confused as to how far they should go in obeying.

Our partner is doing all she can to alleviate some of the problems but illiteracy, lack of faith, and false beliefs characterize many in her community and contribute to many of the problems. Parents often believe education is a waste of time and discourage their children, especially girls, from attending school. They encourage even very young girls to marry or to sell themselves for food. There is a high incidence of HIV and the locals believe that strong liquor will kill the AIDS virus. They also believe that sex with a minor will prevent the disease.

Pray for wisdom for the mission leader, for the Christian school teachers, the church leaders and all believers that they would have a positive influence in the community. Pray for receptive hearts to hear and respond to the gospel message. Pray for protection for the children from all the evil influences and practices.


Books received in 2017– 5,679
Total books prepared for shipping in 2017 – approximately 5,000
Cost for books shipped so far in 2017 - $7,750
Number of boxes ready for shipping – 35!

Excerpts from notes received:

The books are really helping us for some of our research work, especially the theological books. We pray for more books. We have submitted our accreditation application but they expect us to add more books. Our students are doing perfectly well. We appreciate their zeal to enter the rural communities for church planting and outreach works. Takoradi, Ghana

Thank you for your kind support in sending us these books …. We will have the Bibles distributed to our Pastors or Church leaders in our remote local villages and know they will be used to teach and preach the Word of God here in Papua New Guinea. The other resource books will be kept here in the Bible College in Port Moresby to teach our church leaders, pastors and missionaries for God’s work and ministry.

I want to thank you for the provision of books that you have sent to us. I picked a devotional book by Sarah Young, Jesus Calling. This book has been a great blessing to me. The inspired writings free me from worry and anxiety.


  • The Good News Theological Seminary has employed a librarian on a temporary basis who is able to work just two days a week. Pray that God would help them identify and hire a fulltime qualified person committed to the mission of GNTS;

  • Pray for President Oduro as he travels for conferences, off-campus training programs, and for his efforts to raise up Ghanaian sponsors for the school;

  • Praise God for the Oduwo, Kenyan women who committed their lives in mid-June to Christ at the women’s conference which was led in part by Julian. Though many could not attend due to rising costs and inability to pay for transport, those who came were blessed.

  • Food remains scarce and increasingly expensive in Kenya. Replanted crops have suffered. Pray for sufficient rain to keep alive that which remains and pray for Julian as she constantly seeks an affordable food supply for the children;

  • Praise God and pray for the 18 new graduates of a seminary in Chennai, India as they begin their work as missionaries and ministry workers throughout India;

  • Pastor Thony, Mission Evangelique du Nord in Haiti, has identified several young men who feel called to ministry. Pray that the doors would open for them to attend seminary;

  • From a partner in South India caring for children: “Your precious prayers have carried us through the most trying times and we count upon the love of you saints which means so much to us. We need your prayers for the children in our homes.”