J S Children's Home (JSCH)

Mrs. and Mr. B. Azariah and Sam Jones 1996

The J S Children’s Home (JSCH), a government registered organization in South India, was established by the late Mr. B. Azariah and his wife Salome. The doors of the home were opened to the first 49 children in 1972. Reminded by scripture of the admonition to care for orphans in their distress, the founders felt that they must rescue as many of the helpless and destitute as possible. In later years, as support allowed, JSCH housed and cared for as many as 250 children at a time.

Following Azariah’s death in early 2004, the leadership of the home passed to his son, David, who, along with his wife Mary, currently oversees the care of 40 children.

Some of the JSCH girls photographed in early 2009The children come to JSCH for a variety of reasons and from many different backgrounds and are accepted without regard to race, religion, or caste. Some who were found living on the streets were brought to them by village leaders. Others were brought by family members too poor to care for another child. Some were orphaned due to cyclones, tidal waves or other natural disasters. All are sheltered, fed, clothed, given medical care, educated, provided with vocational training, and shown much love.

The children remain at the home until they have completed their education and are able to live independently.  Most of the children continue on to pre-university, many to university, and some to graduate school.  JSCH provides for those capable students who choose to continue on for advanced degrees as resources allow.

JSCH has few regular supporters so has tried a number of projects in an attempt to be self-supporting. One of the ways in which East West InterKnit partners with them is by selling hand made lace products in the US that were produced by poor women under their patronage. The women are paid a fair local market price for their product. 100% of the profit from the sale of lace in the US is returned to supplement the income of the home.

Yesu Raju leading a meeting

In addition to caring for children, JSCH has conducted successful health awareness campaigns, flood and tsunami relief, public policy advocacy, rehabilitation services, vocational training programs, evangelism, church planting, and training of Christian workers. Most of the evangelists serving under the direction of JSCH were raised in the home.

It has been reported that most major cities in South Asia have 100,000 or more street children and that India has approximately 18 million throughout the country, more than any other country. JSCH is doing all it can to meet as much of the need as resources allow and has produced hundreds of alumni who were cared for in such a way as to become responsible and productive citizens of their nation.