Mission Evangelique du Nord d'Haiti (MENH) in Plaine du Nord

October 14, 2014

PRAYER & PRAISE FROM HAITI – MENH (Mission Evangelique du Nord d’Haiti)

Praise for the 150 young people who attended a week-long conference where Pastor Thony was able to present the “great commission of the Lord “to them. He feels it is the beginning of a revival in that church. Pastor Thony was able to bless each person with a New Testament.

Pray for Pastor Thony as he prepares five hours of radio programming each week along with his conference ministry for churches.

Pray also, that he will be able to get a very good vehicle.

Continue to pray for the pastors and lay leaders who attended the conference, for those who serve at the MENH clinic, and the teachers at MENH schools.

July 14, 2014

Pray for those who expect to attend the annual MENH pastors' training conference August 19-22.  $3500 is still needed to transport, feed, lodge, and equip those who come.  Most earn little or no salary as pastors or leaders and could not afford to come without help.

Pray for the resources to close the school year well and finish paying all teachers their May and June salaries

Pray for the work of the clinic and for a resolution of some difficulties that have arisen

August 1, 2012

Please continue to pray for the team of five men expecting to travel to Haiti on August 7.  Four will be traveling into Port au Prince where they will stay at a guest house and then fly into Cap Haitien very early on the morning of the 8th.  The conference is scheduled to start that morning so pray for traveling mercies and good rest as they prepare to serve.  Funds are still needed to cover the cost of bringing the Haitian pastors to the conference and of feeding and lodging them.  Most pastors do not receive a regular salary and would not be able to attend without help.  Continue to pray for the team as they plan to train the conferees in the raising and care of chickens, a project intended to help them become more self-supporting.  Pray for the translators and helpers and for good relationship building.  Unless sufficient funds are raised some pastors and church leaders will not be able to attend the conference.

June 19, 2012

USAID has promised to send a team to MENH in July to consider how they might help to develop the trade school on the MENH campus.  Please pray that they will come to the right decision.  Pray also for the team that plans to go to help with the Pastors' Conference and to work on developing a poultry project.  The team will leave on August 7 and return on August 14.  Pastor Thony is expecting as many as 250 pastors and church leaders to attend.  He is also hoping that the team may be able to repair the leaky roof on the church.

March 9, 2012

Ebed Paul reported that a 4.6 earthquake rattled Port au Prince last evening shortly before 10:00 PM.  Many are still living outdoors but many more, out of fear, moved outdoors.  Please pray for the people of Haiti and for those who can help meet the needs of so many.

February 28, 2012

MENH is in the process of developing an agricultural program. This is a pilot project which they intend to duplicate in many areas. MENH is providing the land and the people are planting while also being taught good methods. Ebed Paul provided the following needs and objectives of the program:  

1.) Train the people spiritually and technically
2.) Purchase the equipment
3.) Start the pilot garden project
4.) Sell the products
5.) Contribute to the well-being and self-support of the Haitian people

January 31, 2012

The wife of Pastor Rosnal Joseph, leader of one of the MENH churches and member of the board overseeing the work of the churches, lost his wife January 29, 2012.  She leaves behind 7 children ages 3-15.  They have no extended family in the area to lend a hand. Please pray for this family during their time of grieving and for those who may come alongside to help care for them.

November 1, 2011

Ebed Paul, administrator of the development programs, was attacked and beaten severely and all his possessions stolen.  Praise God for sparing his life and pray for a speedy recovery. 

Update August 26, 2011

Due to the proximity of hurricane Irene, flights to Haiti were cancelled the day before the MENH pastors' conference was to begin, and the American teams discovered at the very last moment that they would not be able to go.  Pastor Thony had to cancel the conference.  Please pray for all concerned as they consider rescheduling the conference and as team members determine whether or not they can participate at a later date.

Early August - Looking Ahead

On the 24th, 25th and 26th of August, 2011 the Evangelical Mission of Northern Haiti (MENH) will be hosting their annual pastor's conference in Plaine du Nord.  The conference has been held annually for over a decade to provide instruction and encouragement to the pastors of the nineteen churches sponsored by the organization.  
In the past, the pastors were provided little assistance in making the journey to the conference and many went hungry while they were in attendance, but last year was a milestone for MENH.  Three thousand dollars were provided to MENH through donors to sponsor the 2010 conference and a new dining hall was used for the first time to feed the 70-80 pastors and church leaders in attendance.  Dr. Jim Gardner was the featured speaker in 2010 and taught the attendees how to help earthquake victims experience emotional healing through prayer.  MENH Director Ebed Paul also taught about how to overcome poverty through biblical economic principles.  Those in attendance were profuse in their appreciation for the conference and for the excellent food that was prepared each day to feed them.    
This year a group of at least five guests from the United States are planning to attend the conference.  Pastor Chris Arch from Iowa City, Iowa will be speaking about "Biblical Financial Principles" to help Haitian churches build mini-economies and co-ops, based upon biblical principles.  In addition, Dr. Jim Gardner will be returning to provide some follow-up teaching on how churches can grow by demonstrating the power of the Lord to heal emotions through prayer.  An agricultural missionary is also planning to attend and to provide workshops on how to raise chickens and goats.   This is another wonderful opportunity for friends of MENH to partner with EWI as we partner with Pastor Thony Paul, Ebed Paul, and the entire MENH family, to encourage the believers in northern Haiti. 
The American guests will be paying for their own airfare and expenses, but donors are needed to help pay for the food and travel expenses for the pastors and church leaders planning to attend this year's event.  With the great success of last year's conference it is likely that more will be in attendance this year.  The budget established for the 2010 conference was $3000.  It is likely to be somewhat higher this year.  

July 2011

  • Please pray for the preparation for the pastors' conference scheduled to begin August 24th.  The mission needs to repair 2 vehicles before the teams arrive and make all other arrangements.  Pray for the teams from the US that plan to attend as they prepare materials and raise funds to provide for the attendees.  Consider a gift that will enable a Haitian pastor to take part in this most important and helpful event.
  • Pray for the church member Pastor Thony took to Dominican Republic for surgery on her foot injured in the earth quake of 2010.
  • Pray for the additional resources needed to enable the mission to pay its teachers, and clinic workers. 

January 26, 2011

Pastor Thony reports that the MENH clinic is still very busy but there is a new NGO now working in Plaine du Nord to which MENH can send most of its cholera patients. 

Pastor Thony wrote:

Here is my burden and my prayer:  The whole world sees and cares for the physical needs of Haiti, the worldwide Christian Church will see the flood of Haitians people who walked in darkness and the shadow of death coming to the light of our Savior Jesus Christ. Now, the need of the Haitian church is very big. One day, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ himself will make his church in Haiti self-supporting. But now, the urgent need for the Haitian church is for meeting the training needs of the growing church, the need to sent the children to school, the need to train new leaders is huge, and the need for food is huge.

December 7, 2010

Dear Sister Annette,

Oh! The problem of cholera is terrible. It is covering all of Haiti now. In our community, Plaine-du-Nord, 15 already die with cholera. Our Medical Center is very busy taking care of them.  But, no finance to buy medicine. This is why I sent that S.O.S.  Please, knock on doors for us.

Haiti for Christ and Christ for Haiti

Your partner,

Pastor Thony Paul

August 3-6, 2010.  Pastor's Training Conference in Plaine du Nord

  1. Pray for those who are handling the preparation for the conference.
  2. Pray for safe travel for Dr. Jim Gardner and others who are coming to minister.
  3. Pray for travel mercies for participants coming long distances by land, including those who plan to come from Port au Prince and surrounding areas.
  4. Pray that all who participate will grow in their ministries and gain insight from the speakers in how to counsel quake survivors suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome

July 23, 2010

News from Pastor Thony:

Thursday July 22, we made a massive distribution of booklets at the voodoo festival in Plaine du Nord. We used a big truck with our generator and our sound equipment and went all around the town of Plaine du Nord to enable all the voodoo people from all over Haiti to hear the word of the Lord. That brought great joy in our heart.

July 20, 2010

Leaders of the Mission Evangelique du Nord d'Haiti are preparing for a conference to be held on the Plaine du Nord campus from August 3-6.  Pastors and leaders from at least 18 MENH churches including several from the Port au Prince area expect to attend and to have their transportation, food, and lodging covered by the generous donations of friends of the ministry.  Many of the church leaders have had limited formal training so these conferences fill a vital role in helping them to serve their people more effectively. 

In the aftermath of the January earthquake thousands of people have migrated to other areas of the country in search of housing and jobs.  Almost all of them experienced the loss of loved ones, loss of employment, and loss of property.  Many are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) and approach the pastors and leaders for counsel or other help.  The pastors have been overwhelmed and have expressed a desire for training to meet these needs.  Dr. Jim Gardner, longtime counselor and author of the book, Trading Pain For Peace (2008), will be providing the pastors approximately 11 hours of training to prepare them to better serve those suffering from PTSD, anxiety and other disorders.

Please pray for the planning and preparation.  Pray for Dr. Gardner and others as they lead the various sessions.  Consider helping to provide for the travel and other expenses the local pastors will have - without our help, most would be unable to attend.

May 27, 2010

From all information we have received, the need for adequate shelter remains a major concern for many thousands left homeless by the earthquake.  As the rains come so do more mosquitoes and many other conditions that leave people vulnerable to malaria, dysentery, respiratory ailments and more.  Children need to be in school.  Those who can work need job opportunies, and all continue to need help with food, clothing, medical care, and encouragement.  Please continue to pray for wisdom and resources for those who bring aid.  Pray for those who are sharing the Good News, as well, as they bring hope that is found only in Jesus and encourage growth of a whole new worldview that will impact all of Haiti for good.

Click the following thumbnail to be taken to the PDF version of the May 24, 2010 letter from Pastor Thony:

April 23, 2010

Please pray for the MENH church in Port au Prince as they deal directly and daily with all the issues in the aftermath of the earthquake.  Pray for earthquake survivors in Port au Prince and in other areas to which they've fled as many still have no proper shelter and little help is getting to some areas. MENH specifically mentioned the need for more tents to be sent to provide better shelter than is available at this time.  Pray for workers to come alongside MENH who can minister to the needs of the people and particularly for help with construction.  Pray for those who made commitments to Christ during the revival.  Some appear to be falling away.

Construction is well underway on both the new trade school and the school cafeteria.  Pray for the workers and that the school will provide many with skills to become self-sufficient.  Pray also for the micro-loan programs helping quake victims and others create jobs and provide for their families.

March 2010

The pastors and directors of missions within the Confraternite Missionarie Baptiste d'Haiti, gathered information and reported 40,127 professions of faith in Jesus since the January 12 earthquake, confirming the information we have received of revival taking place all over the land.  (statistics are from an article written for the Baptist Press by Barbara Denham, February 25, 2010)

Ebed Paul, Executive Director of MENH and founder and President of Leve Kampe Mache (LKM), an affiliated development organization, is planning to leave Wednesday, March 4, with a team and three vehicles for Port au Prince.  They expect to carry water, food, soap and other personal items, clothes, and medicines to be distributed out of the MENH church in Port au Prince.  Please pray for provision of all that is needed and for safety in travel.  Praise God for funds that are coming in to cover the purchases and the expenses related to the vehicles.  More than 2,000 families are being assisted through this effort.  See more in the MENH Bulletin

February 19, 2010Click here to be taken to the Photo Gallery

Reports have come to us from several sources saying that Haitian President Preval declared a 3 day holiday from work for the purpose of fasting and praying. One writer reported, "Everything is closed today and people are making their way to the park. It is so full you can no longer get in. They are worshipping and praying....The witch doctor at the corner was dragging all his voodoo stuff out. He was telling people who were watching that he was going to give it all up." Another wrote, "as we left the guest house we were met by throngs of people headed to various churches. The sounds of Christian music filled the air.....Everywhere the nation was gathered to pray. This scene was repeated in every town and hamlet we passed through."

The MENH leadership was at the forefront of planning for the February 16th March For Repentance which took place in Cap Haitian. An estimated 800,000 people marched through the streets singing and praising God. Pastor Thony reported that it was a beautiful sunny day, the only one in about a five day period. God is at work in Haiti. Click here to see photos >>

February 8, 2010

The MENH team returned from Port au Prince on Saturday, February 6, in order to resume work in the Cap Haitian area. They currently have a number of mission team members who arrived to help them build a cafeteria on the Plaine du Nord school campus. They expect to begin work on the trade school as well. Other teams are planning to come in March to assist in this and other work.

February 1, 2010

The MENH team is gathering supplies and loading three vehicles for another trip to Port au Prince. They expect to depart on Wednesday, February 3. In addition to food and medicines they are including a supply of clothing purchased in the second hand market place to meet the needs of many who were left with only the clothes they were wearing at the time of the quake. Pray for the successful acquisition of relief supplies and for safety as they travel and attempt to meet the needs of the people.

There is a tremendous need for land for temporary housing but along with the land must come the tents or other shelters, the security system, the food, the sanitation, and the education. MENH is willing to provide land; the UN is willing to provide tents. Pray for partners with the capacity to provide all that is needed so people will have not only shelter but an environment that is healthy and safe.



January 21, 2010

The first donations received by East West InterKnit to be put toward the Haiti Relief effort have been wired to MENH (Mission Evangelique du Nord d'Haiti) and the vehicle, fueled by gas provided by the Haitian government and filled with desperately needed food and medical supplies, has begun its trip toward Port au Prince. Whether you are able to send a financial donation or are praying for the victims of the earthquake, the scores of individuals who have come to assist, or the many organizations like EWI and our partner in Haiti, MENH, who work tirelessly to bring relief, your continued support in this effort is vital to its success. Thank you!

Just over a week ago the rubble that covers much of Port au Prince today was homes, schools, stores, hospitals, orphanages, government buildings, and banks. In fact, the bank with which we normally deal in Haiti is currently a victim of the destruction wrought by the earthquake.

Western Union, with some sites further out from the heart of the city, is now the primary means of wiring funds into the country, and this has resulted in some very long lines. With the advice of those in the Social Services Office of Churches in Dominican Republic, and the use of their phone, Pastor Ebed notified us late on Wednesday [20 January] that he would be at a Western Union Office in a frontier town just over the border in Dominican Republic and that we would need to send the funds to him there instead of to Haiti.

After a quick call to Western Union and with only minutes to spare, the funds were redirected to Pastor Ebed's location, and he was able to receive them before the office closed for the day.

After much difficulty Ebed was finally able to get the funds to pay for supplies

Saint Francois Hospital, located near OMS headquarters on the road between Cap Haitian and Plaine du Nord, donated medical supplies. The picture below shows Pastor Ebed's joy as he is shown the things from which he might choose.

Ebed Paul selecting medical supplies donated by St Francois Hospital

Ebed Paul being interviewed at Medika Mamba, the institution donating the peanut butter

Pastor Ebed Paul attracted the attention of the press while he was picking up 200 kg of a fortified nutritious peanut butter called Medika Mamba, which was donated by Haiti Healthcare Partners, another organization wanting to come to the aid of those in Port au Prince.

Volunteers at MENH packing food, including the green packets of peanut butter

Besides collecting the medical supplies donated by the hospital and the green packets which contain the fortified peanut butter, they made several additional stops to purchase rice, spaghetti, brown sugar, corn flakes, powdered milk, salt, and more.

The photo to the left shows volunteers at Mission Evangelique du Nord d'Haiti working to pack the food and supplies for transport. At last word the team was expected to leave today [21 January].

Please pray for their safety as they head toward Port au Prince.

January 18, 2010 10:45 PM

We received word that Pastor Girard and many of the leaders of the MENH church in Port au Prince have finally been contacted and have miraculously survived. However, the condition of many church members is not yet known. Please continue to pray.

Truck being loaded with supplies

The MENH team, including one doctor and one nurse from the MENH clinic, has rented a bus for the trip down from the north of Haiti to the earthquake ravaged area of Port au Prince and the surrounding area. They are purchasing supplies of rice and other necessities and are doing all they can to fill the vehicle and to be ready to go on Thursday (21st Jan).

100% of donations sent to East West InterKnit which are designated for "Haiti Relief" will be sent directly to MENH for that purpose. Since there is a delay in our actually receiving anything sent through the mail, we are asking that you contact us via this link as well so that we may advise MENH how much they will be able to spend for supplies.

The government has provided them with sufficient gas to make the trip. Let's help them fill the bus. At a time when every drop of fuel is precious and tens of thousands are desperate for food, clean water, and medical supplies, we have an unprecedented opportunity to bring relief.

Please prayerfully consider what you can do to help them fill that bus.

The simplest way to contribute financially to this project is via a check. Simply write "Haiti Relief" on the memo line of the check. If you prefer, you may print this form and state your designation on the "special project" line. Undesignated gifts will be used in the area of greatest need.

You may send your contribution to:

East West InterKnit
P.O. Box 270333
St. Paul, MN 55127
United States of America

Refugee families arriving at the homes of MENH board members

Refugees from the quake area are fleeing to the north and some of the MENH leaders are already taking in many that need shelter and food. They will need our help to care for those who have arrived on their doorsteps.

If you wish to make a contribution using your credit card, you may do so safely and securely through the following link to JustGive. You will receive an automatic receipt from them for tax purposes.

Contribute via JustGive.org



January 18, 2010

From Pastor Ebed:

The distribution of relief is alarming. No order at all. Chaos is fuelling chaos. I must act. I met with our staff. We are in position to assist some 10,000 families. We will rent a bus and will bring food, water, and medical supplies. We have to use a bus so that people don't realize that we are bringing food [lest they be mobbed].

We will be going to Port au Prince this Thursday and are seeking doctors and nurses who will want to volunteer their time to help rescue Haitians. Please let me know what you can do to help.

EWI will be sending some funds tomorrow (Tuesday) to help purchase supplies.  We are exploring options for shipping goods that will be needed after the initial period of rescue and relief has passed and people begin to set up households again.  We would also welcome volunteer doctors, nurses, and other professionals that could give a week or two to help in Haiti.  We still have had no word concerning Pastor Girard or any others from the mission church in Port au Prince.


January 15, 2010

Email Received this morning from Ebed Paul, mission administrator:

Hello everyone,

As you are all very much aware Haiti is in serious crisis. It is critical for us to take immediate action. This email will be short and to the point. We are making preparations to send food, water, and medical supplies to Port au Prince. I am in Haiti right now working on earth emergency relief.  We have made good contacts and friends high up in the UN (They lost many colleagues). We met with the UN today in Cap Haitian to arrange for an escort to Port au Prince. We were informed that they have been working on emergency relief and security for the flooding right here in Cap Haitian just outside the airport. Therefore, we are making other arrangements to get the relief to Port au Prince as soon as possible. 

How can you help?

  1. Send an email to EWI (info@ewi-interknit.org) with a pledge amount which will enable MENH to know how many supplies they will be able to order. 
  2. Make check donations payable to East West Interknit and write 'Haiti relief' on the memo line.  The mailing address is PO Box 270333, St. Paul, MN 55127. 
  3. You may also go to contribute on this site and click on 'donate' to use your credit card. Donations sent by check will arrive more quickly than funds donated by credit card.
  4. EWI commits to sending 100% of relief money to Haiti. Send this information to all your contacts and Pray! Pray! Pray!

Being in Haiti and seeing the Haitian people in this critical situation breaks my heart. We need to respond as soon as possible. Please share this information with as many people as possible. 

In His service,


January 12, 2010

Praise God for the safety of most of our mission partners in Haiti.  Many, however, have friends, relatives or associates in the more heavily damaged areas and are concerned for their welfare and anxious to do what they can to help.  Please pray for those involved in the recovery efforts taking place in the aftermath of the worst earthquake to hit Haiti in over 200 years.  We will provide updates as they come but lines of communication have been compromised and those working are on overload.  Pastor Ebed has promised to let us know when we can begin sending in essential materials.

December 2009

Pray for those who are participating in the expanding micro-credit program.  Pray that each one will achieve a measure of success and move toward greater self-sufficiency.  Pray that this will enable them to support their churches and bless their communities.  Pray that God gets the glory and that many in the community will be drawn to Christ because of the testimonies of the participants. 


February 10, 2009 Update:

Agencies of the United Nations, in a report dated December 13, indicated that much more international aid is needed to help Haiti recover from what they called the worst disaster in 100 years.

Sources at the United Nations said that almost 50 percent of the families displaced by the hurricanes still remain without permanent housing and at least 2000 families are still residing in tents or other very temporary shelters. They report that they have received only about 48% of funds that would be necessary to provide real aid for Haiti.

President Preval met with the US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the week of February 7, 2009, to plead for additional aid and for a change in the way aid is provided.  He claimed that the events of 2008, including 4 devastating hurricanes, food riots and the collapse of a school have left the country reeling and in worse condition than ever, and that unless something is done quickly, the country will degenerate into anarchy.

Continue to pray for Pastor Thony and others who are preaching the good news and attempting to meet the very real needs of so many.  Pray for the resources that will allow them to meet emergency needs and to develop programs that will enable the people to help themselves. 

November 21, 2008 Update:

MENH's most recent newsletter contains Ebed Paul's eye-witness account of the devastation caused by four hurricanes slamming into Haiti one after another in quick succession. This issue explains how MENH was able to "come to the rescue" of many who came to them for help during this extraordinary time of suffering. To read Volume 1 Issue 2, click here.

For photos of the devastation we invite you to go to the following site – http://www.sakapfet.com/photos/

Please prayerfully consider what you can do to help and send your check to East West InterKnit, PO Box 270333, St. Paul, MN 55127. Add "Food for Haiti" to the memo line. You may also contribute online by going to our “to contribute” tab and following the instructions for “Just Give.”

September 23, 2008 Update:

Pastor Thony is a man of great compassion, unwilling to turn away anyone in need. Since the need now is so much greater than his capacity to address, he is encouraging us, now as never before, not to forget his desperate and destitute people. He is asking us to help him meet their needs. The following letter, written in his own words on September 23, tells it all:

Dear beloved,

Jesus Christ loves you and I love all of you very much, too. Amen! Everyday, I receive international and national call for information. Last Thursday September the 18th, the Republic Dominican Army sent a delegation in helicopter to take me for a visit in Gonaive. We flew to Gonaive, we investigate the situation.

Yes, we see really Haiti is in affliction. Not only Gonaive, the hurricanes hurt terribly 8 departments of Haiti. Now all the country is in distress. Hundreds of people in distress from Gonaive walking 130 kilometers by feet to find refuge in the area of Cap-Haitian. Last week, I visited a place about 5 kilometers away from my place in Plaine du Nord, I find 21 people in one place from Gonaive. We need to take care of all of them.

The saddest thing now many people dying everyday hungry and thousands of them has no shelter. Please, I ask you to send that S.O.S. all over for us. Because Haiti needs help.

In His Holy Name,

Pastor Thony Paul