Pray for Good News Theological College and Seminary in Accra, Ghana

May 25, 2016

Praise God for provision for the hiring of a qualified librarian.  Pray for him as he becomes familiar with the collection and serves those who use its resources.

Pray for the students as they take final exams and as many leave to serve in various churches and other ministries.

Pray for Bruce and Sharon Reichenbach, visiting professors, as they complete their term at GNTCS and return to the states.

November 24, 2015

Praise God for provision of funds and for the progress on the reconstruction of the women's dorm.  It is nearly finished and at least part of the building is now occupied.

GNTCS is preparing for a special local fund raising event in early December for the benefit of the campus.

Continue to pray for the hiring of a qualified librarian required for accreditation.

<--break->July 13, 2015

Tragedy struck the seminary on Wednesday, July 8, 2015 when fire gutted the upper level of the Erma Grove Hall (women's dormitory).  Students forgot to unplug an appliance when the electrical power was cut.  When it was restored the appliance began burning but no one was in the hall to notice the problem as the students were in class.  The roof and ceilings were destroyed as were the electrical conduits.  Beds and mattresses in some rooms were burned beyond recognition and the fire was so hot that it caused plaster to peel from some of the building.

Dr. Oduro wrote that they praise God no one was hurt and that it did not take place at night or when a group of 60 youth had recently occupied the building.  However, it will take "enormous" sums to restore the dorm for occupancy.  It hurts the seminary also because some dorm rooms were rented to students from another campus so this means a loss of income for the seminary.

What needs to be done:

1.  to rewire the entire building
2.  to re-roof three-quarters of the building
3.  to re-plaster some parts of the building
4.  to replace burnt beds and mattresses
5.  to replace defaced tiles and electric fans

Dr. Oduro reported that local fund raising efforts are underway but he knows that additional funds will be required to make the dorm ready for occupancy.  EWI will do all we can to help.

March 25, 2015

  • Good News will need to employ a new qualified librarian as soon as possible in order to satisfy the national accreditation board.  Pray that they will find someone willing to work for what they are able to offer in salary.
  • The school still needs additional computers in the lab to meet the required standard for number of students
  • Pray for the family of student Naa Karkor who passed away as a result of cancer
  • Good News has requested help in finding the right accounting software for the school and the right programs to meet the needs of the library. 
  • Pray for President Oduro as he oversees the administration, teaches several classes, conducts off-campus seminars, preaches regularly at AIC churches, and is active on several boards. 

November 10, 2014

  • Praise God! The first of three book shipments arrived and all 22 boxes of books for Good News were in good condition.
  • Pray that resources can be raised to assist students who need Bible dictionaries, commentaries and Bible handbooks. 

November 4, 2014

Three shipments of books, still in transit, have been sent to Good News, the first having been sent on July 14th.  Please pray that the 44 boxes will arrive safely and provide material important for the training of pastors and other Christian workers.

October 23, 2014

Praise God for the installation of air conditioners at the computer lab.  Dr. Oduro stated that in hot and humid Ghana one would wish to stay in the computer lab forever!  There are currently two air conditioners in the library but because of the size of the room there is need for one more.  Pray for the resources needed to accomplish this.

July 14, 2014

  • Praise God for the added water tanks ensuring the campus of Good News with an adequate water supply.
  • Praise God for the refurbished computer lab.
  • Pray for the resources to allow for the purchase of six additional computers.
  • Please pray for a Good News faculty member who accidently struck and killed a pedestrian.  He has had to pay funeral and other expenses and still faces legal action.
  • Pray for the administrators and faculty members engaged in recruiting new students for fall enrollment.

July 1, 2013

  • Praise God for President Thomas Oduro's safe return to Good News College and Seminary following a 10 month stay in the United States. Pray also for Professor Humphrey Akogyeram who hopes to depart for the United States in time to start the fall term at a seminary in Philadelphia.
  • From Rev. Dr. Oduro: "The seminary is recruiting students. We are visiting church leaders, holding meetings with church leaders, writing letters to church leaders and advertising on radio and in newspapers. Please pray with us."
  • Pray for the safe arrival of many boxes of books en route to the GNTCS campus and for those who must process them.
  • Pray for a more reliable power source to enable faculty, staff and students to use their computers and to access the internet.

July 31, 2012

"Rejoice with us" was the headline on an email from Dr. Oduro today as he informed us of the decision of the accreditation board as follows: The National Accreditation Board (NAB) at its 87th Meeting held on June 28-29, 2012 approved the grant of Institutional Re-accreditation of Five (5) years to Good News Theological College and Seminary, Accra with effect from September 1, 2011.

This decision, long awaited, allows Good News to move forward to recruit new students for its degree and diploma programs.

Thank you for your prayers for Good News and for those who served on the NAB.

July 17, 2012

Please pray for a new certificate program established in order to continue to serve students from African independent churches. The program started with about 50 students and meets on the south side of Accra. In the meantime, Good News must wait for a decision from the National Accreditation Board before recruiting students for their diploma and degree programs held at the main campus. Please continue to pray that they will receive the right decision from the NAB when it meets.

June 19, 2012

The National Accreditation Board will meet at the end of June to consider the reaccreditation of Good News Theological College and Seminary. There are two pressing concerns for which the administration asks for your prayers. They have appealed a requirement that they affiliate with another institution - an action that would involve great cost. They must also satisfy the NAB that they can reach a significant level of self-sufficiency within the next four years.

February 1, 2012

Please pray for the programs of GNTCS and for the administration and faculty as they work to develop and train effective Christian leaders for the church in Africa. Many of the students come from very poor background and need financial support if they are to attend and complete their studies. Pray for us as we seek funds to provide student financial aid, books for the library, and other essential resources.

October 5, 2011

Dr. Oduro is attending the Global Christian Forum conference in Manado, Indonesia from October 4 to October 7. He expects to return to Ghana by October 10th. "The Global Christian Forum is about bringing into conversation with one another Christians and churches from very different traditions who have seldom or never talked to each other. It is about building bridges where there are none, overcoming prejudices, creating and nurturing new relationships." Dr. Oduro is a respected representative of the African Indigenous or African Independent Churches. Please pray for Dr. Oduro as he travels and returns to his many responsibilities in Ghana.

August 15, 2011

To see additional Good News prayer requests from our August newsletter click here.

Dr. Oduro travels regularly to Abuja, Nigeria, to teach at the external campus of Good News Theological College and Seminary in Accra, Ghana. Excerpts from the report he sent after their graduation ceremony follow:

The entire library at the Abuja campus of Good NewsSixteen students graduated from the Good News Theological College and Seminary, Abuja Campus on Saturday, 25th June 2011. The students, who were trained for two years, were awarded diplomas in Theology. The students are from African Independent Churches in Nigeria. Lecturers come from the mother seminary, the University of Abuja, and some distinguished clergymen from mainline western founded churches.

African Independent Churches (AICs) have been ridiculed by other Christians as people who neglect the study of the Bible. The establishment of the campus, the running of the program, and the commitment of both students and leaders of Nigerian African Independent Churches were proofs of the falsehood of that perception. To the faculty and Board members of the mother seminary in Ghana, the establishment of the campus was considered as a fulfillment of a big dream – serving AICs across borders.

We are grateful to brothers and sisters who supported the venture, particularly East/West for providing books for the library.

Update on Renewal of Accreditation

The National Accreditation Board of the Ministry of Education has paid three visits to the seminary regarding the renewal of the seminary’s accreditation status. The first team of inspectors checked the academic record keeping, relevance of curriculum, competency of lecturers, validity of enrolled students, and any other matter relating to academics. The second team checked the administrative structures, general administration, financial resources and keeping of financial records. The third team checked the suitability of infrastructure on campus including the library. The National Accreditation Board is scheduled to decide on the renewal of the seminary’s accreditation status at the end of September 2011. Please pray.

June 15, 2011

From Dr. Oduro: "We are expecting a team from the National Accreditation Board on Friday, 17th June 2011. Please pray with us."

May 10, 2011

Mr. Nicholas Kwakye, former General Services Officer of GNTCS, passed away on April 25. Please pray for his wife and three children.

March 18, 2011

Please remember the Oduro family as they grieve the loss of Jemima's 81 year old father. According to Dr. Oduro, his wife's father fell ill last evening and passed away within 20 minutes of the onset of symptoms.

Special Report March 2011

For many years the African Instituted Churches (AIC) were mocked and despised because they had no place to train their pastors. The need to provide good biblical training was recognized and several groups joined forces to launch a school to serve the needs of the AIC's. The seminary, established 40 years ago, and known then as Good News Training Institute, was dedicated and placed in the hands of the AIC's. Since its inception the seminary, now known as Good News Theological College and Seminary, has trained nearly 1000 AIC members and leaders. Those trained are serving in Ghana, Liberia, Republic of Benin, Republic of Togo, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sudan,USA and other countries. The school is preparing to hold a celebration to commemorate Its 40 years of training pastors, missionaries, evangelists, musicians, teachers, administrators and many other professionals.

Good News board members and the RothsA special event was held in January to welcome the first director of the seminary, Pastor Willard Roth and his family. The Roths came to Ghana to reflect and to connect with old friends. They worshiped with some AICs in Accra, interacted with faculty and students, gave a lecture about the commencement of the seminary, preached at the seminary's worship service, and worked at the library. Pastor Willard led a seminar on missions for some pastors of Christ Holy Church. They had a very good time in Ghana. Guests included board members, visiting dignitaries, foreign guests including early administrators, and many from AIC churches. There was great joy expressed when the Roths and the first Academic Dean, Prof. James Anquandah, met at the celebration after not seeing each other for many years.

Rev. Dr. Thomas Oduro, current principal, wrote that "the succes story of the seminary cannot be told without recounting the contributions of some individuals, mission institutions, and churches - both local and abroad. We cherish the giftedness of some people, the donations to buy properties and to run the seminary, donations of books, bookshelves, computers, scholarships, words of encouragement, short and long term missionaries, and much more."

March 2011

  • Pray for Samuel, a student, who recently suffered a stroke
  • Dr. Oduro, Pricipal of GNTCS, attended the Executive Committee meeting of the Organization of African Instituted Churches. Praise God for his safe return to Ghana March 12th
  • Continue to pray that all things will be in order as the accreditation process continues.

December 2010

  • Pray for the administration, staff and faculty as they prepare to have their accreditation reviewed in March 2011. There is still much to do.
  • Pray for provision of scholarship funds to enable students to pay fees.
  • Pray for funding from African supporting churches and all other sponsors to allow for a living wage for faculty and staff.
  • Pray for safe arrival of books sent by EWI.
  • Pray for the students at the Abuja, Nigeria campus and for Dr. Oduro as he travels back and forth to teach in both Nigeria and Ghana.

August 2010 Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Rev. Dr. Thomas Oduro as he leads and for all those attending the conference of the West African Association of Theological Institutions August 2-7, taking place in the Volta region of Ghana. Most have traveled by road to be there. Pray for safe travel.
  • Pray for the Board of Governors of GNTCS as they meet in mid-August to consider making some important changes in the constitution.
  • Continue to pray for the requests as presented in July.

July 2010 Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the recruiting efforts of staff seeking to attract the right students to GNTCS.
  • Pray for the resources to allow for the purchase of several new computers. These will be necessary for meeting requirements of the accreditation board.
  • Pray for the needs relating to faculty support, acquisition of books by African writers, and for scholarships.
  • Thank you for praying for Nicholas Kwakye. His health has improved but sickle cell anemia is a disease that reoccurs regularly so he needs continued prayer.
  • Continue to pray for the Akogyeram family. Humphrey had to privilege of returning from the states to be with his family but will be leaving again to return to seminary in Philadelphia in August. Pray also for those who have assumed the responsibility for teaching Humphrey's classes in his absence.
  • Pray for the wife of a staff member who has multiple physical problems and is facing difficult decisions involving surgery.

April 2010 Prayer Requests


The seminary was accredited by the National Accreditation Board in 2008. Please pray for the faculty and staff as they prepare for a review of the accreditation status in March, 2011.

Staff and Faculty

  • Pray for the health of Staff, Faculty and their dependents. Thank you for praying for Nicholas Kwakye whose health has stabilized.
  • Pray for Humphrey Akogyeram who is studying at a seminary in Philadelphia, PA. Pray for Mary (his wife) and the children as they endure the emotional challenges of separation.
  • Pray for staff and faculty as they work under very difficult financial conditions. Pray for those who should contribute to the Staff/Faculty salary enhancement fund.
  • Please pray for the Gadasu family as the surgery for Esi, wife of Matthew Gadasu (GN accountant), has been delayed. A new disease has been diagnosed and fear is beginning to grip Esi.

Students & Alumni/ae

  • Many students have not paid fees; some have dropped out. Please pray for God to touch hearts to provide more scholarships for students.
  • Pray for some students who still need to have a clear idea of their future ministries.
  • Pray for students and alumni who seldom own personal tools of ministry. They need Bible dictionaries, commentaries, Bible atlases, concordances, and other textbooks. EWI will provide as resources allow.


  • Praise God for a friend of the seminary who donated a metal card catalogue to be used at the library.
  • Pray for resources to allow for the purchase of two desk-top computers to enhance the cataloguing process and search for books.
  • Pray for completion of the cataloguing of the backlog of books remaining to be done.

Enhancement of Ministries.

  • Pray for the planning that is taking place to open city campuses, external education centers, and sandwich courses. Please pray for a successful strategy.
  • Please pray for God’s direction and choice in the process of employing an Institutional Enhancement Officer.
  • Pray for the running of leadership seminars for African Independent Church leaders.


  • The constitution of the seminary is being reviewed. Please pray for the review team.
  • New Board members are soon to be elected; Please pray for God’s direction.
  • Praise God for African Independent Churches that support the seminary.
  • Pray for greater commitment on the part of the African Independent Churches.

Infrastructure Development.

  • Please pray for the full completion of the Erma Grove Female Dormitory. It is 75% complete.
  • The computer lab has only 4 computers. At least 20 computers are required to meet the needs of users. Please pray about how you can help.

Research and Publication

  • The publication of the Journal of African Instituted Church Theology has been put on hold due to lack of funds. There are scripts ready but we need $1,200.00 to resume the publication.
  • Pray to God to touch hearts to donate to a Research Fund for Faculty. $1,000.00 would be sufficient as seed money for the fund.
  • Please pray for the taking off of the proposed AIC Research Centre.
    • The employment of a Centre librarian.
    • Collection of books, articles, paraphernalia, etc. of African Independent Churches.
    • One desk-top Computer for documentation and reference.
    • Making of bookshelves.


  • Praise God with us for touching hearts (individuals and institutions) to provide the needs of the seminary.
  • Praise God for those who pray for the seminary and those who project the image of the seminary.
  • Praise God for traveling mercies and effective ministries of short-term missionaries.

October 2009 Prayer Requests

  • Continue to pray for Nicholas Kwakye, the General Services Officer, suffering from sickle cell anemia. At times he is better but has had at least three additional crises since August.
  • GNTCS is still enrolling students for the school year. Pray that those who should be there will find the way and means to attend. Pray also for the new week-end part time program.
  • Continue to pray for Humphrey Akogyeram, enrolled in seminary in Philadelphia, and for his family as they remain in Ghana without him for a two year period.
  • Pray for the two new lecturers hired to replace the absent professors and for all as they have very heavy teaching and administrative loads.
  • GNTCS gives thanks for the fact that Viking Dietrich and his family received their work permit and have arrived and are settling in to life in Ghana.
  • Pray for the work at the Abuja, Nigeria campus of GNTCS. Dr. Oduro reported that the teaching session in which he participated in August went very well but he asks for prayer as he prepares to go again during the first two weeks of November.
  • Continue to pray for the wife of the school accountant who needs to have surgery in October. The family must raise US$400 in order for the surgery to take place.
  • More than 100 African Indigenous Church (AIC) pastors from Ghana and Nigeria took part in the September conference held in Accra. Praise God for a successful conference and for the safe return of all participants in spite of tiresome and dangerous travel by road.

August 2009 Prayer Requests

Special request: GNTCS needs a qualified librarian in order to be in compliance with the requirements of accreditation. Pray for the resources to hire someone or for a volunteer willing to serve the seminary for a period of three months or more.

From the Principal: "Please pray with us over the following topics"

  • Nicholas Kwakye, the General Services Officer, has sickle cell anemia. He has been having some crises of late. Cold weather is not a good time for those having this disease. The weather from July to August is usually cold - though not equivalent to Minnesota. Please pray for him.
  • We are in the process of enrolling students into the 2009/2010 academic year. Thirty-three prospective students have inquired. Please pray with us and the applicants as they are preparing to take a life-time decision.
  • Humphrey Akogyeram is scheduled to begin a two-year Master of Theology course at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. He has got a student's visa and awaiting a ticket from the ELCA. He would leave Ghana during the last week of August. Please pray with him as he prepares to leave. Pray also for Mary and the kids as they prepare to undergo the emotional pain of separating from a husband and father. Praise the Lord with us also for the opportunity.
  • With the absence of Humphrey and insufficient funds to employ new Faculty members, the Faculty is obviously headed for heavy teaching schedules. Please pray for endurance as the Faculty shares the teaching load of Humphrey. He has been teaching - Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Ethics, Peace & Conflict Resolution, and Homiletics.
  • Humphrey has also been the Registrar, and Chairperson of the Film Outreach Ministry, and Scholarship Administration. Please pray with us as we search for people to fill these unpaid positions.
  • The seminary has applied for Work Permit for Dick and Caroline Seed, missionaries of The Church Mission Society (CMS) to teach as from September 2009. The Immigrant Quota Committee of the Ministry of Interior will meet at the end of July to decide on the application. Please pray with us for approval of the application. When approved, Dick will be assigned to work with the Ghana Chapter of the Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC), whilst Caroline will be teaching at the seminary. Plans are being made by the CMS to have the Seeds, who have been living in the UK, to leave for Nairobi, Kenya in August to have some orientation on how to work with AICs before proceeding to Ghana, should the application be approved.
  • Another Work Permit application has been put in for Viking Dietrich, the West African Program Director for the ELCA. When approved, Viking and his family will settle in Ghana. The kids of Viking need to continue their education in Ghana in mid-August 2009. Any delay in the approval will affect the continuity of the kids' education. Please pray with us.
  • Thomas Oduro is scheduled to leave Ghana for Abuja on 9th August 2009. He will be teaching at the Second Session of the Abuja Campus (10-21 August 2009). Please pray with him as he prepares his teaching notes. Please pray also for the students and other teachers of the Campus.
  • Esi, the wife of Matthew Afrikadzata Gadasu, the Accountant, is scheduled for surgery to remove a Fibroid in October 2009. Please pray with the Gadasu family.
    Praise God with us for the completion of the temporary library. Expect pictures soon. Please pray with us - we have engaged some students to move books to the new building.
  • Please pray for the success of a scheduled OAIC Conference in Accra (10-13 September 2009). Some AIC leaders from Nigeria and Ghana will participate in the Conference.

April 2009 concerns —

  • Progress continues on the temporary library but much remains to be done. Pray that work can be completed soon to allow for occupation of at least part of the facility.
  • Pray that funding for the school will continue in spite of the current difficult economic situation.
  • Pray for the provision of scholarships. Many students, clearly called to ministry, apply to the school but cannot be admitted without financial aid that is not currently available.
  • Pray for Rev. Dr. Thomas Oduro, Principal, and all administration, faculty and staff as they have many responsibilities both on and off campus.
  • Pray for the film outreach ministry of the school and for the people in surrounding towns and villages who have either committed their lives to Christ or made a recommitment to serve Him faithfully.Drawing of the proposed permanent library 2009
  • Praise God for the organization that provided funds for completion of the Women's dorm.
  • Pray for funding to allow for the construction of a permanent library and administration building. Faculty offices, space for a computer lab, and a much expanded library and reference area are badly needed.