Good News Theological Seminary

Administration and classroom building on the GNTCS campus


Good News Theological Seminary is an interdenominational pastoral and theological institution located on the outskirts of Accra, Ghana. Its mission is to provide sound Christ centered biblical education to church workers and leaders, fully equipping both men and women with ministerial, spiritual, and theological training for servant leadership in the African context.

Stories From Scholarship Recipients

Isaac Mantey

Isaac ManteyIsaac says, “I have been called as an apostle to raise leaders. Specifically to the rejected areas and rejected people. My ministry aims at helping the rejected, less privileged and the orphans to their various careers; to develop the potential of the rejected, less privileged and the orphans and help them secure leadership positions in the society.” He, “aims at populating the Kingdom of God. These ministry objectives are going to be achieved through three bodies and that is the school, an orphanage home and the church.” Even though others are welcome, Isaac’s main focus is the rejected, less privileged, and the orphans.

James Reynolds Boafo-Baafi

James Reynolds Boafo-BaafiJames says, “My calling came when I was then serving as a secretary at the Assemblies of God Church in one of their local branches in the suburb of Accra. I responded by undergoing practical training of pastor for a period of six months. I was more involved in serving and doing a lot of Bible studies, prayer and fasting. I was directed by God to enter into forty days prayers and fasting time. At the end of the fast, I gained admission into a Bible College to study theology. I discovered while in the Bible College that my ministerial calling is teacher/evangelist. My future career goals are to lecture in a theological institution and to run seminars and training for believers in Christian faith.



completed library on second floor of men's dormThe approximately 24,000 volume seminary library had been housed in 2 classrooms in the main classroom building until June of 2009 when the new temporary library was completed on the second level of the men's dormitory.  The construction of the new  library proceeded only as funds became available. With the help of local and overseas partners, the job was finally completed and the move begun.  

Using one's head to get the job doneStudents came back to campus during their summer break to help with the move. Carpenters were asked to build some new shelves to replace those that were no longer safe and to provide for many books that had never been shelved due to lack of space.  The opening of the new library took place on August 28, 2009.

The rooms that had been used as a library in the classroom building have been converted back into much needed classroom space.  The library annex in the classroom building which houses the reference collection will continue to serve that purpose for a time.

GNTCS hired a qualified librarian in June 2012 in order to meet the requirements for accreditation. Their biggest challenge in meeting this need is in finding the resources to pay another salary.  


Time of worship at Christ Holy Church, AccraSince Christianity was re-introduced to Africa by western missionaries, the Church in Africa has experienced tremendous growth. This growth has been especially phenomenal in the churches referred to as African Independent Churches (AIC’s), also known as African Indigenous or African Instituted Churches. African Independent Churches are planted, led, administered, motivated, spread, funded and supported by Africans for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and worshipping God in the context and worldview of Africa. AIC’s can be found in Egypt, West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa and Madagascar and represent more than 21% of the Christian population of Africa. AIC churches tend to attract those not comfortable with mainline churches representing a Western style of worship. They rather delight in African expressions of joy and worship. It is common for individuals to become pastors and leaders in the church without any formal training. The majority of students at Good News are already pastors and leaders in their churches. At Good News they acquire a knowledge base that serves to increase their understanding of the gospel message and their effectiveness in sharing the same.

When Good News was founded in 1971, the founders had a three-fold purpose:

  • To educate and train AIC leaders and workers;
  • To serve as a forum for dialogue between AIC’s and Western mission churches;
  • To document peculiar experiences of AIC’s.


Although the AIC’s remain a target group for Good News, the seminary now serves all denominations and para-church organizations. The goal is to help students improve their understanding and knowledge of the Word of God, their commitment as followers of Jesus Christ, and their effectiveness in the ministry of the church.Good News campus entrance

The Good News Theological College and Seminary is governed by a Board of Governors selected from several denominational backgrounds, and representing a variety of professional interests. Members of the board are chosen on the basis of their personal interest and commitment to the aims of the Seminary, not as representatives of the church organizations.

Programs offered at Good News include the following:  Bachelor of Theology - a four year accredited program, Diploma in Pastoral Ministry - a two year accredited program, the one year Access Program for students without the educational background to be admitted to either of the accredited programs but which can serve to prepare them for future admission, and the Certificate in Pastoral Ministry for students wishing to gain biblical knowledge who may not qualify or wish to take any of the other programs - a one year program.   The Bachelor of Theology and Diploma in Pastoral Ministry programs are also offered as intensive weekend courses and include the identical content as the fulltime programs. 

"Training students to minister effectively and contextually is not the only objective of the seminary. Church leaders and members who do not have time to undergo full-time training also have their fair share of the ministry of the seminary.  They benefit from other educational programs of the seminary such as:  theological education by extension (T.E.E.), leadership seminars and workshops, film shows as a means of evangelism and education, training seminars for auxialiary groups in churches, and research and documentation." (from the speech by the principal at the 16th graduation ceremony, September 2007)

Principal Rev. Dr. Thomas Oduro 2007Rev. Dr. Thomas A. Oduro, principal of Good News Theological College and Seminary, authored (with others) a recently published book, entitled Mission In an African Way: a practical introduction to African Instituted Churches and their sense of mission, published by Christian Literature Fund & Bible Media, Wellington, South Africa, 2008. 228 pp.

For a bibliography of other publications by Dr. Oduro, click here.

August 2012: Re-designation of Head of Seminary

The Board of Governors of the Good News Theological College and Seminary has re-designated the head of the seminary as President. The head of the seminary is no longer called, Principal. The Vice Principal has similarly been re-designated as Vice President.