February 2018: See what great things the Lord has done!

“Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day. Declare his glory among the nations…” Psalm 96: 2-3a (CSB)

Click or tap here to download a printable full color PDF of our Feb 2018 newsletterSpecific highlights for several partners:

  • The Jehovah Shammah Children's Home (JSCH) - our partner reports that many lives have been transformed from idolatry to eternal life, made possible through prayer support, financial help and encouragement they have received. Read about the grand celebration at Christmas, how the children are "progressing brilliantly" and the work of the evangelists (JSCH)
  • Bethel Mission's end of year report, too, focused on their ability during 2017 to reach such a great many with the love of Christ and expressed a profound believe that this "was only possible because of your love and prayers." (BM)
  • Good News Theological Seminary, in Accra, Ghana - Thank-you to the many who were led to support Good News during 2017, providing scholarships, upgrades to campus facilities, helping to meet emergency needs and more. Much was accomplished! (GNTS)
  • Bright Angels Christian Academy, in Western Kenya - Year end financial report (BACA)
  • Mission Evangelique du Nord d'Haiti - While the majority of our financial support each year is in support of the MENH schools, we also regularly help in other areas of their ministry and at times offer assistance when there is a special need. Right now they have a very special need we wish to bring before you. (MENH)
  • EWI Library Development Project - Year end report: nearly 8,000 books were sent in 2017 to our overseas partners who use them to train pastors, evangelists, counselors and educators. (EWI)

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Partnership at Work - In India

The Jehovah Shammah Children's Home (JSCH)


JSCH children sang and danced during the grand celebration at Christmastime.

Widows received new saris from Pastor Yesuraju at Christmastime. 

Pastor Yesuraju distributed new saris he had received to widows at a village church.


Your faithful giving helped Jehovah Shammah Children’s Home to hold a grand celebration during the recent holidays. Thank you! Their guests included JSCH board members, many community members and the JSCH affiliated village pastors, the home children and their relatives. Many of them took part in the program: children sang and danced; several leaders brought special greetings and shared memories of the home’s founder; a local Bible teacher delivered a “very effective and spiritual” Christmas message; new clothing was presented to pastors and evangelists and they were also given saris for distribution to the needy in village churches. The home children received gifts of new clothing as well. Afterward, everyone who had attended was invited to a Christmas feast.

In a brief year-end report, David, President of Jehovah Shammah Children’s Home, reminded us that their children come from situations of extreme poverty with no one able to provide essential care. Some are true orphans. Most suffer from malnutrition before coming to the home. At JSCH they are given nutritious food, free education and free medical care all in a safe and protected environment. He said they are “progressing brilliantly” and are growing stronger in Christian faith and love. Some older girls from the home have moved on and are ministering to children and leading them and their relatives to the Lord.

David also reported that the evangelists are advancing the gospel along the coastal belt of the state and have drawn hundreds of non-Christians to the Lord. They have planted churches, are teaching the people and are involving them in street evangelism and distribution of Christian literature. He added that many lives have been transformed from idolatry to eternal life in spite of stiff resistance. He believes that this has been made possible because of the prayer support, financial help and encouragement they have received.

Jehovah Shammah Children’s Home is finding it difficult to meet monthly expenses for the care of their children. Local support is limited though they continue to encourage it. They are requesting additional help from East West InterKnit in order to stay current and not accumulate debt. Please prayerfully consider what you can do to ease their burden and allow them to continue rescuing children.

Bethel Mission, South Central India

“The new year has dawned but what comes to mind is the faithfulness of God in our lives the whole of last year, being our protector and provider and for guiding the ministry in the midst of oppression from those who oppose the preaching of the gospel.” With these words Pastor Frank began his report of activities. “Our children, associate pastors, church staff and pastors, widows and poor women, and many hundreds of poor around us were reached with the love of Christ during this holiday season and this was only possible because of your love and prayers.”

Bethel Mission sharing the love of Christ during the holidays

Bethel Mission sharing the love of Christ during the holidays 

At least eight special events were held during the holidays. On December 7th they presented 102 blankets to some of the poorest who regularly attend the early morning devotional time at the church. On December 23rd eight hundred widows and poor women were presented with saris at a special program and then served a special meal.

A special meal was served as part of the Christmas celebrationThe children’s Christmas program took place the evening of December 23. The children from the three Bethel Mission homes, the church children, children who attend the computer school and other participants were included in the program. They sang, danced, and recited memory verses to the delight of parents and members of the public who attended. All children were given a piece of cake following the program.

The Christmas Eve service was so well attended that the overflow crowd had to be seated outside on all sides of the church. Cake and coffee were served afterward and buses were provided to transport people to their homes.

A special dinner was served to hundreds of the poor on Christmas day and a special event was held for the eighty-five children from the children’s homes. Each of the children received two sets of clothing, new shoes and socks and then were served a special meal.

The New Year’s Eve service began at 10:00 P.M. and lasted until 2:00 A.M. Pastor Frank reported that God blessed the service in a marvelous way. He was thrilled to see many people of other faiths joining them “to begin the year with God’s blessing.”

Thank you to all who have prayed and made it possible for us to participate financially as Bethel Mission continues to care for widows and orphans, provide training for the purpose of lifting some out of poverty, and most importantly, continue to proclaim the message of salvation throughout the region.

Partnership at Work - In Africa

Good News Theological Seminary* in Accra, Ghana (GNTS)

THOUGH MUCH WAS ACCOMPLISHED AT GNTS IN 2017 MUCH REMAINS TO BE DONE. Students have returned and classes have resumed at the campus in Accra North, Ghana following the holiday break. Enrollment has increased a little but they are hoping for much more. Efforts are underway to publicize the school as well as to raise funds for scholarships.

Due to your generosity, East West InterKnit was able to provide scholarship funds for several students in 2017. There are yet many prospective students willing to attend if scholarships become available. Rev. Dr. Oduro, President of GNTS, wrote the following: “We praise God that he touched the hearts of so many EWI donors who supported GNTS during 2017.”

EWI funds provided for upgrades in the library and in the computer lab, supplemented the librarian’s salary, helped to pay for publicity, provided scholarships, and helped to meet emergency needs. We also shipped over 2,000 donated books to their library.

For prayer:

  • The renewal of the seminary’s accreditation status is pending. Pray that the school will be able to adequately address the requirements in order to satisfy the accreditation committee. Some expensive facility upgrades are included;
  • GNTS is busy preparing for a fund raising dinner and an Alumni Homecoming event to be held in February. Pray that those who attend will respond according to the needs;
  • Pray for the provision of scholarship funds for those students who should attend GNTS;
  • GNTS is seeking a qualified volunteer librarian for either a short or long period of time to meet accreditation requirements and to fill the gap until a more permanent local librarian can be hired. Please pray that this need can be met; Rev. Frank Botchway, GNTS library assistant and chair of a faculty committee, informed us of the need for prayer for his wife, Theresa. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer and chemotherapy treatment was begun in preparation for surgery. However, due to extremely high blood pressure, the treatment has been discontinued until her blood pressure has been controlled. Please pray that they would experience God’s peace during this uncertain time. Pray, too, that the cancer would not grow as they wait;
  • Pray for Dr. Oduro and all faculty and staff as they serve not only on campus but also in many other capacities;
  • Congratulations to Sabina, daughter of Dr. Oduro, who was married in October.


* Formerly known as Good News Theological College and Seminary.

Bright Angels Christian Academy in Western Kenya (BACA)

About 250 village children are currently being served by Bright Angels Christian School.A BRIEF FINANCIAL REPORT— Julian Orimbo, leader of ministries in and around Oduwo, provided an update on the costs of providing for the 43 children in her care and for the maintenance of the Christian school currently serving approximately 250 village children. The average monthly cost to feed 43 children 3 meals a day is about $860 — more during times of drought. During January she raised over $500 locally toward the cost of food for the month. East West InterKnit provided $300 toward the food and $100 toward other needs of the children. She also must raise the funds for school supplies, student uniforms, finishing and repair of classrooms, school furniture, and kitchen and cafeteria supplies. The most urgent need is for new textbooks, for ten new desks, and to do some finishing on the buildings. Julian cannot do it alone and, while locals do their best to help, these expenses exceed their capacity to meet. We would like to continue to provide between $300 and $400 per month for food and to help them acquire enough textbooks so that no child must go without.

There is an immediate need for about $1,000 to supplement what can be raised in the village. Some of the needs can be met over time as additional funds become available.


Partnership at Work - in Haiti

Mission Evangelique du Nord d'Haiti (MENH)

MINISTERING IN SPITE OF CHALLENGES— EWI has been privileged to partner with MENH since our launching in 1992. Since that time the mission has expanded and added new ministries. Thousands have been blessed and many hundreds of lives have been transformed through the various ministries of the mission. While a large percentage of our funding goes to support the MENH schools, we also assist when there is a special need in any area of the ministry. We recently helped them to purchase a microscope and a centrifuge along with other smaller pieces of equipment to replace some of what had been stolen from the clinic. We were able to send them school supplies and other materials not readily available in Haiti. Because of the generosity of those supporting MENH, EWI was able to provide about $44,000 in 2017 to meet needs of the mission.

Now they have a very special need. The mother church in Plaine du Nord had deteriorated beyond repair and was torn down. The local church people have been raising funds for a number of years and have started construction on the new church. Pastor Thony reported that they are continuing to contribute but cannot keep up with the need and the funds are nearly used up. They will need help if construction is to continue. In the meantime, they are worshipping in a tent that someone lent them. This temporary solution has many limitations. We want to see the work continue as a testimony to the entire community of God’s provision. Pastor Thony wrote that the US $6,000 raised by the locals is about used up and “now we need a financial blessing … to continue with that work.” If they can raise the walls, they have been promised funds to put on the roof. This would provide protection for the building until the interior could be finished. Thony added this note: “Please, do what you can so we can continue with the work.” Please pray and consider what God might have you do to bless the work in Haiti.

EWI Library Development Project

Books remain an invaluable resource for many of our overseas partnersWe are so grateful to those who made it possible for EWI to continue to ship quality theological books to schools in need. By our count, we shipped 7,882 books plus other material to as many as 29 Bible schools and seminaries in 9 developing countries in 2017. Books sent to one Bible Institute in south India were distributed to 7 satellite centers across north India. We also shipped hundreds of children’s books to those who are serving children in some capacity. The schools we support are training pastors, evangelists, Christian counselors, and educators as well as sending out hundreds of missionaries into the least reached regions of the world.

We can use Bible dictionaries, commentaries, study Bibles, books on missions, pastoral ministry, leadership, world religions, church history, child psychology and much more. Contact us for a more detailed list of needs or to arrange for delivery or pick up of your gently used donations.