East West InterKnit's Partners in Ministry

East West InterKnit has established relationships with Christian ministries, conceived and led by nationals, in South Asia, Africa and the Caribbean for the purpose of providing for training, tools, and other resources to assist them in doing better whatever it is that God has called them to do.

Our participation with our partners includes:

  • Provision of personal or institutional library materials;
  • Scholarships for training Christian leaders;
  • Gifts in kind to meet the specific needs of their projects;
  • Funding for tools, special programs, or emergency needs;
  • Short term helpers to train or assist in other ways;
  • Networking on their behalf to find others who may be able to assist in ways we cannot.

Some of our partners are working in very sensitive areas where proclamation of the good news is not welcome and any hint of cooperation with outsiders would be vehemently opposed. For that reason, we may not give detailed reports or include photographs for all of those with whom we work.