Bright Angels Academy in Kenya


Our partnership in Kenya began when we agreed to ship donated theological books for the library at Nairobi Great Commission School, something we continue to do.  We became aware of projects started by Julian Orimbo, the NGCS librarian, in a remote rural community in one of the poorest provinces. 

Julian established Bright Angels Academy, a Christian school, in an area not well served by any other school.  At times the enrollment includes as many as 250 students. Her teachers are volunteers committed to improving the lives of children in their community.  When there is enough, she provides the teachers with food to help their families.

Many other projects have been launched. Julian has assumed responsibility for providing three meals a day for 40 children and tries to provide meals for others who come to the school when resources allow.  She has organized evangelistic outreaches in the area that have led to the conversion of many and to growth in the village church.  She has started sports and other programs for youth in an attempt to reach them with the gospel, to build unity in a area populated  by diverse tribes, to teach a healthy lifestyle, and to encourage education.  She has a started a fellowship group especially for elderly widows who are often forgotten members of society.

Her work has been affirmed by trusted friends of EWI.