August 2017: Serving Those Called To Serve

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

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Partnership at work -

  • In Kenya - Bright Angels Christian Academy (BACA)
  • In Ghana - Good News Theological Seminary (GN)
  • In Haiti - Mission Evangelique du Nord d'Haiti (MENH)
  • In India
    • Ministries of Jehovah Shammah Children's Home (JSCH)
    • Bethel Mission (KGF)
    • Rev. Jacob Prabhu

Books and More Books

Special Prayer Request - an accident in Ghana


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Partnership at Work - In Kenya

Bright Angels Academy

In early July on the campus of Bright Angels Christian Academy Julian held a special event which she called Challenge Day. She provided lunch for every child, for some their first meal in more than a day. In addition to play time, the children were interviewed in an effort to understand their concerns and reasons for dropping out of school. What she learned was shocking.

Graduates of the Bible school in Nairobi held a training program for church leaders of 30 congregations that have been planted in northern Uganda. As Julian and a co-worker learned about the sad condition and behaviors of the local people they realized the tremendous need for more Bible teaching.

Challenge Day at Bright Angels Academy 

Though the pastors encouraged them to come frequently to hold seminars for the people, doing so would present considerable challenges.  Julian traveled 28 hours by bus and another 2 hours on motorbike to reach the training site.

2 Hour Bike Ride to Uganda 

Julian serves as librarian and in other capacities at the school in Nairobi. She is frequently called upon to organize and speak at conferences, women’s retreats and other events. She uses her skills and personal resources to oversee the Christian academy in the village.

  • Pray for Julian’s health and safety as she travels back and forth between Nairobi and the village.
  • Pray for an openness to and understanding of the gospel message and for transformed lives of the people who have lived in such spiritual darkness and endured such hardships.
  • Pray for the children, many of whom are abused, forced into illegal activities, and suffer from malnutrition.

Partnership at Work - In Ghana

Good News Theological Seminary in Accra

The Good News Theological Seminary was established in November 1971 to train leaders and members of African Instituted Churches (AICs). The campus sits on a serene ten-acre parcel of land in Oyibi, northeastern Accra. There are two residential halls, a library with about 30,000 books (18,000 from EWI) offices for some staff, an internet lab, residences for some lecturers, spacious classrooms and guest houses.

The seminary runs the following major programs: Theological Education by Extension (TEE), Certificate in Pastoral Ministry, Diploma in Pastoral Ministry, Bachelor of Theology. The last two programs are accredited by the National Accreditation Board of the Ministry of Education. Lecturers of the seminary have a minimum educational qualification of a Master’s degree.

The Need for Scholarships

The seminary is appealing to individuals and churches to donate to a $10,000 Scholarship Fund for the following reasons:

  • Since many poor AIC pastors are not trained theologically, their theological and ministerial output leave much to be desired.
  • The Good News Theological Seminary is the only tertiary interdenominational seminary in all of Africa that has been founded primarily to serve AICs.
  • Though the tuition fee charged by Good News Theological Seminary is lower than most theological institutions in Ghana, the inability of the poverty stricken AICs to assist their students has resulted in a low intake of students.
  • Despite the easy payment plan offered by Good News, about 70% of expected fees are in arrears and some students have had to leave.
  • In Ghana, an advertisement about the seminary on a Christian Radio Station led to 97 inquiries but only fifteen had money to enroll.

An additional challenge facing the seminary is the requirement that all accredited schools must be mentored by government chartered institutions. The seminary must pay an annual fee of US $2,000 to maintain this connection and their accreditation.

Tuition and fees per student per year are as follows:

  • Certificate program - $300.00. Duration of the program is one academic year.
  • Diploma in Pastoral Ministry – $350.00. Duration of the program is two academic years.
  • Bachelor of Theology - $420.00. Duration of the program is four academic years.

If you are able to help a worthy student attend seminary, please designate your gift in any amount for the Good News (GNTS) scholarship fund. For further information, call 651-765-2550 or send an email to

Special Prayer Request

Jennifer Opoku, the campus Registrar at Good News Seminary, was hit by a car and injured on August 4th. She’s been advised to rest. However, her sense of responsibility to the seminary will make that difficult, since she knows they depend upon her. Furthermore, she is nearing completion of the training that will qualify her to meet the requirements set by the accreditation board for that position.

Partnership at Work - In Haiti

Mission Evangelique du Nord d'Haiti (MENH)

Pastor Thony reported that funds EWI sent arrived exactly in the right amount and at the exact time they needed it. On the same day he received our letter he reported that “five precious souls came to know the Lord in our church….” He added that all twenty one MENH churches report new believers daily.

  • He asked that we pray for his six day a week radio program which he called “a very big tool to bring new souls to the Lord every day.”
  • Pray for the work of the clinic, the youth programs, and the development programs.
  • We plan to meet with Pastor Thony and other interested parties in late September. Please pray that this will be a fruitful meeting.


Partnership at Work - In India

Jehovah Shammah Children's Home & Ministries, Southeast India (JSCH)

Pastor K and wife are pictured at the site of their new church in Southeast India. Pray for its completion and for protection from those who oppose the presence of believers. Pray for the other nine JSCH evangelists serving in similar conditions. Pray for David and other leaders as they provide regular times of training and encouragement for the pastors.

New village church under constructionChildren gathered for devotions

The JSCH children pictured here are gathered for devotions. Many are new to the home having come to stay in early June 2017. Most come from non-Christian background. Pray for David and Mary as they care for the children and oversee the home.

Bethel Mission, South Central India (KGF)

Pastor Frank reports, “All the children in our children’s homes are going to school and are busy with their studies. Never do they forget to pray for you during their daily devotion time.”

“We are receiving good reports from all of our branch churches and it is heartening to know that they are all doing well in spite of the pressures brought by the enemy but our Lord reigns and He is faithful to carry us through all situations. There is steady growth in the number of people attending church each week as God is touching lives…”

The mission held a pastor’s conference in late July attended by pastors from all of their branch churches.  Some came from as far as 400 kilometers away. Each pastor gave a brief report on the welfare of the church and the recent activities.  All were encouraged through the Word and God blessed the two sessions in a wonderful way.  Pastor Frank added this request: “Do uphold us in your prayers as we do for you.”

  • Dengue fever is on the rise during the rainy season. Pray for the health and safety of the children and those that serve at Bethel Mission.
  • Pray for those serving in branch churches as they deal with increasing pressures from anti-Christian elements. Pastor Frank spoke of disruptions to church activities and has spoken of previous threats and vandalism.

Reverend Jacob Prabhu

Rev. Prabhu has completed two new books currently being printed and is working on others. In addition to his writing and distribution of these materials he preaches and conducts discipleship training. EWI participates in making the publication of these books possible.

  • Pray that the books he will distribute will serve to transform lives.
  • Pray that the Lord will bring the right people to his discipleship training sessions.
  • Pray that the Lord will raise up others able to publish sound culturally relevant biblically based books and study material.

Books and More Books

Students of Mission India Bible College with books from EWI donorsStudents of Mission India Bible College in Thiruvananthapuram expressing gratitude for the boxes of library books they received from EWI donors.

We recently received a report that all 42 boxes of theological books sent to a school in Nagaland, India had arrived safely. Thus their library was enhanced by over 750 quality theological books.

Another Bible school leader reported being overjoyed when additional boxes arrived as he had expected only one!

We continue to receive many boxes of donated books. It takes approximately one dollar per book to send them to those in need of library materials. Thank you to those who donate the funds that allow us to ship these invaluable tools.