Christ Holy Church International: The Story of an African Independent Church

Dr. Thomas OduroBy Thomas Oduro

This book is a part of the Encounters in World Christianity Series, which is published in partnership with Luther Seminary (St. Paul, MN) with funds from the Global Mission Institute and the Justice and Christian Community Program.

The author explores and examines the history, beliefs, practices, and growth of Christ Holy Church International, an African Independent Church in Nigeria, founded by Agnes Okoh, an illiterate woman who, while returning from a market in 1943, heard a voice repeatedly saying “Matthew Ten.” Agnes Okoh, a marginalized woman and a widow, was able to found and lead an itinerant evangelistic team of 12 members in 1947 as the movement grew into a church with nearly 800 congregations by 2002. The history of that church in a pluralistic, multi-cultural and multi-linguistic Nigeria is the focus of this book.

Thomas Asante Oduro, the author, was born in Accra, Ghana. He graduated from Christian Service College, Kumasi, in 1986 with a diploma in Biblical Studies, and in the same year from the University of Ghana with a diploma in Dip. Theology. He received an M.A. in Systematic Theology and a Ph.D. in History of Christianity from Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota. In 1999 he was ordained by Calvary Baptist Church in Roseville, Minnesota. Rev. Oduro is Principal (President) of the Good News Theological College & Seminary in Accra.


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