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Prayer Requests for Partners in India

Please continue to pray for the persecuted church.  Pray for those who have been injured or who have suffered loss of homes and property, for those who faihfully share the good news of the gospel, for the salvation of the perpetrators, and for relief from the fear of terrorism that has spread across the land. Pray also for wisdom as they interact with the majority community. We heard much about the violence in Orissa in 2008 (see below) but not as much about the fact that the violence has become widespread and constant. Nearly all of our contacts in India have faced threats, vandalism and, in some cases, beatings.

 For additional information on the current situation in India we suggest the following site:

Julian Orimbo - Nairobi, Kenya

Praise and Prayer Summer 2015:

Julian is fully responsible for the feeding and care of forty children.  In addition, many other children who attend the Christian school do not get enough to eat so Julian tries to provide something for them if there is a sufficient supply.  Food prices have continued to rise making it difficlut to provide the basics for the children.  Pray for the resources to purchase the rice and beans that are the mainstay of the local diet.  Praise God for a good crop of vegetables and for the new fence which protects them. 

Praise God for those who have come to Christ and been baptized. Julian wrote the following: "My heart still rejoices for one of the ladies who was baptized as she has always been against the gospel believing and trusting in the traditional religion of our grandfathers."

Mission Evangelique du Nord d'Haiti (MENH) in Plaine du Nord

October 14, 2014

PRAYER & PRAISE FROM HAITI – MENH (Mission Evangelique du Nord d’Haiti)

Praise for the 150 young people who attended a week-long conference where Pastor Thony was able to present the “great commission of the Lord “to them. He feels it is the beginning of a revival in that church. Pastor Thony was able to bless each person with a New Testament.

Pray for Pastor Thony as he prepares five hours of radio programming each week along with his conference ministry for churches.

Pray also, that he will be able to get a very good vehicle.

Continue to pray for the pastors and lay leaders who attended the conference, for those who serve at the MENH clinic, and the teachers at MENH schools.

July 14, 2014

Pray for those who expect to attend the annual MENH pastors' training conference August 19-22.  $3500 is still needed to transport, feed, lodge, and equip those who come.  Most earn little or no salary as pastors or leaders and could not afford to come without help.

Pray for the resources to close the school year well and finish paying all teachers their May and June salaries

Pray for the work of the clinic and for a resolution of some difficulties that have arisen

August 1, 2012

Please continue to pray for the team of five men expecting to travel to Haiti on August 7.  Four will be traveling into Port au Prince where they will stay at a guest house and then fly into Cap Haitien very early on the morning of the 8th.  The conference is scheduled to start that morning so pray for traveling mercies and good rest as they prepare to serve.  Funds are still needed to cover the cost of bringing the Haitian pastors to the conference and of feeding and lodging them.  Most pastors do not receive a regular salary and would not be able to attend without help.  Continue to pray for the team as they plan to train the conferees in the raising and care of chickens, a project intended to help them become more self-supporting.  Pray for the translators and helpers and for good relationship building.  Unless sufficient funds are raised some pastors and church leaders will not be able to attend the conference.

Pray for Good News Theological College and Seminary in Accra, Ghana

May 25, 2016

Praise God for provision for the hiring of a qualified librarian.  Pray for him as he becomes familiar with the collection and serves those who use its resources.

Pray for the students as they take final exams and as many leave to serve in various churches and other ministries.

Pray for Bruce and Sharon Reichenbach, visiting professors, as they complete their term at GNTCS and return to the states.

November 24, 2015

Praise God for provision of funds and for the progress on the reconstruction of the women's dorm.  It is nearly finished and at least part of the building is now occupied.

GNTCS is preparing for a special local fund raising event in early December for the benefit of the campus.

Continue to pray for the hiring of a qualified librarian required for accreditation.


Bethel Mission, South Asia

November 24, 2015

Pastor Frank wrote that the "Christmas season is the busiest as well as the neediest time of the year.... Every program that we plan ... has a gospel outreach and we pray that our effort would work as a catalyst to draw people to Christ." Their plans include:

  • providing over 75 orphans with new outfits and a special meal on Christmas day;
  • providing about 65 pastors and pastoral staff with new outfits and a small cash grant;
  • providing more than 600 widows with gifts;
  • serving the elderly and  some street children a special meal on Christmas day;
  • Distributing hundreds of loaves of bread to slum dwellers on New Years Day.

Pray for resources to meet these needs.  They have raised about a quarter of the expected need.

Bible Schools and Seminaries in India, Burma, Kenya, and Ghana To Which EWI Sends Library Materials

Ongoing Prayer Needs

  • Pray for the safe arrival of materials in transit.
  • Pray for the working out of the challenges that delay the shipping of materials.

JS Children's Home, South Asia

The JS Children's Home  - Autumn 2015

JSCH boys at beginning of new school term

  • Pray for the extended families that have been exposed to the gospel because of the witness of the children.
  • Pray for the new congregations established by the JSCH evangelists in poor villages.  Most are meeting in unsecured thatched huts and often experience loss of property due to theft.
  • Pray for the persecuted believers
  • Pray for some of the older youth, who have become strong Christians, as they share their faith with high school and college mates.
  • Pray for the evangelists working under the umbrella of the children's home as they go out to some of the least reached and least developed areas to minister. 
  • Pray for the mission's funding needs and EWI's ability to assist appropriately.
  • Pray for the successful sale of hand-made lace from the mission — a self-support project in co-operation with EWI.


Story of a JSCH resident:

Miss Kumari, resident of the children’s home in India, shared some of her story.   JSCH has provided for her education for the last seven years. She is now in 10th class (as of 2014). Miss Kumari had no mother and her father married another woman and left her and her younger sister with their grandmother. They were without food and starving. A pastor rescued them and admitted them to the children’s home in 2007.

She never looked back, according to the home's director,and progressed both in education and in her spiritual life. She has received good marks in all the examinations since then, and has also participated in Sunday school and Christian youth activities with great enthusiasm. She accepted Jesus as her Savior and Lord in her life; she shares her testimony and teaches the Bible to her school and hostel mates.

Kumari says, “I am grateful to my Spiritual father and mother, David and Mary, for all their love and care at the children’s home. I am extremely happy with my progress in education and godliness in the children’s from the years 2007-2014. I am praising God for all His grace. For me, I would like to study nursing; please continue to pray for me and my younger sister.” – Yours faithfully, Kumari

Praise and prayer from the Children's Home Summer 2015

The children are doing well spiritually and in their education. The director reported that many children accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior as a result of a Sunday school retreat.

The evangelists, in spite of tough resistance, are also working hard to bring as many as possible to the Lord through church activity, outreach and street preaching. David reports that they are seeing God do amazing things and that communities are being transformed. Pray for both wisdom and courage as they seek to share the good news of the gospel throughout their region.

Their are many challenges in addition to the hostility of non-Christians.  They have experienced unprecedented heat resulting in many deaths.  There are frequent power outages.  Their internet has been interrupted due to construction in the area and will not be restored until all work is done necessitating the use of a public internet service in town.  They are in the process of adding a number of children to the home and will need to provide uniforms, school fees, and school supplies for all the children. One boy was rescued from working as a child laborer as he had no one who could care for him. Someone observed his plight and brought him to the home.

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