Book Distribution - Serving Bible Colleges and Seminaries

East West InterKnit accepts gently used books, Bibles, Christian periodicals, DVDs and other materials for sending to Bible schools and seminaries in the developing world. Many institutions in the world's least evangelized regions do not have consistent electric power or internet service so are unable to rely on online materials. They want and need physical books. There may be very little Christian material available in their countries. Many have little or no funds for the purchase of library materials. We can help.

We welcome your donation of books suitable for use in Bible schools and seminaries.  Books should be in good condition but need not be perfect.  They can be delivered to the EWI office in Minnesota or mailed via media mail through the US postal service.  Books will be receipted as gifts-in-kind by letter at the end of the year.  Please consider a financial gift to help with the cost of shipping overseas.  Financial donations are fully tax deductible.


"We are extremely grateful for the wonderful books that have come to our college library. We can never even dream to buy such expensive books. This is a very great help for our ministry. We pray and hope that you will [continue to send]."

"Thank you for your continued partnership and support. The books you have sent are very useful for our students. Do continue to keep us in your prayers."

"Thank you for the wonderful books...They are worth beyond the price tags as they are not available and new books are quite expensive.Those books are going to shape students who will be the future ministers, missionaries, social workers and so forth."

For additional information about either sending or receiving books please contact us.