Julian Orimbo - Nairobi, Kenya

Praise and Prayer Summer 2015:

Julian is fully responsible for the feeding and care of forty children.  In addition, many other children who attend the Christian school do not get enough to eat so Julian tries to provide something for them if there is a sufficient supply.  Food prices have continued to rise making it difficlut to provide the basics for the children.  Pray for the resources to purchase the rice and beans that are the mainstay of the local diet.  Praise God for a good crop of vegetables and for the new fence which protects them. 

Praise God for those who have come to Christ and been baptized. Julian wrote the following: "My heart still rejoices for one of the ladies who was baptized as she has always been against the gospel believing and trusting in the traditional religion of our grandfathers."

If you would like to help Julian provide for the children in her care, please click here.