East West InterKnit, formerly East West Ministries, was founded by Dr. V. Samuel Jones, former missionary and long time member of the Billy Graham team. It was during the historic Amsterdam conferences of 1983 and 1986 that Dr. Graham told his worldwide audience of itinerant evangelists that they would be his successors. Profoundly inspired by this pronouncement, Sam felt God was calling him to assist them in advancing the gospel in their nations and regions.

Sam's travels during his approximately 38 years of international ministry took him to at least 115 countries. There he had opportunity to work alongside hundreds of national Christian workers and to observe not only their dedication but also the challenges and limitations resulting from lack of resources or training. He was uniquely gifted in identifying effective, committed, godly workers who would benefit from the kind of partnerships EWI envisioned.

Founded in 1992, the ministry grew and new partners were added as circumstances permitted. Sam's wife, Annette, assumed leadership of the ministry following Sam’s death in 1998.